Fahz Chutani ( New Gears 5 Character)

From Gears of War Twitter:

Introducing Fahz Chutani, a new character in #Gears5 who also happens to be holding a brand new Lancer variant. What could it be? :thinking: pic.twitter.com/HFqWNjD…


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Hello Kait! Hope all is well. I believe the Lancer looks like it has a DeeBee attachment on it. You can tell by the colors. Could the character be related to Tai Kaliso?


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I wonder if he is Muslim?

There can’t be real life religions in a video game…
I mean, Gears is set in a completely different universe…

He’s named after Face Vases

Who knew such things existed?


He’s also definitely Middle Eastern, I guess, if the Gears universe translated to the real world.


I hoping for a game informer gears 5 edition soon, want to know more.

I already hate the idea of any kind of attachments to the Lancer…it gives me shivers to think about the impact they could possibly have to Gears 5’s Versus.


It could become a Power Rifle, just like the Retro Lancer.

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With the Hammerburst now being a power rifle, it would make for too much of them considering the amount of weapon spawn points and the fact there are only two weapon sets per map.

We don’t really know if Hammerburst will be a Pickup Weapon on the Map, alternating between Boltok/Hammerburst in Versus for Gears 5.
Gorgon could come back in Gears 5, and alternate between Boltok/Gorgon.
Hammerburst, I’d rather that stayed as Starting Loadout, and also Semi-Automatic.
The new Lancer variant could alternate between Retro/Lancer (Grenade Launcher).
Or Retro might not be in Multiplayers anymore, for Gears 5.
Or it could get added back into Starting Loadouts, as long as more balanced.

Possibly. I agree with it returning as a starter weapon. I’d be all for any rifle addition/alteration as long as my Hammerburst was available from the start…

The Gorgon Pistol was extremely powerful as a burst weapon in Gears 2. It’s missed. I’d be open for it’s return as a switch with the Boltok.

I think I saw this in a video or Gearspedia. Supposedly it’s a rocket launcher

“Gut puncher”?

Man that’d be great if they tied in some lore with the game like the Gut Puncher.


Great observation! I do see the Deebee colors on the attachment from the Kestrel!

That has to be what they are, but a revamped version.

He also had a very strong english accent too iirc in the trailer. He looks interesting and I’m betting his multiplayer dialouge will be hilarious if they incorporate some slang with his trash talk.

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I’m more curious about the lancer. I wasn’t a big fan of the digger and drop shot, but have much love for the lancer and hammerburst. Hopefully we get more details soon about it or maybe a leaked clip showing it off.

Doubt it, judging by his accent, he is very British.