Fahz build on master

What is Fahz best build on Master?

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Beach Body Fahz skin.

The skill cards don’t even matter.


Hahaha :slight_smile:

Lately, I play Fahz very often and found very nice cards setting:

  1. Ambush - Is a must have card, without it you won’t do any meaningful damage to enemies
  2. Critical hit card +50% damage from critical hits, also must have.
  3. Icy precision - a nice card that works effectively only with markza
  4. Modified Sniper Rifle
  5. Modified Embar

This is maximizing damage build, with this set of cards you headshot elite drones until wave 40, then you two shot enemies with sniper + markza. Also, there is a nice correlation between modified snipes and modified embar, which gives you +20% active damage to all weapons, not only those 2 related. I rarely use his ultimate, only for sentinels and guardians to freeze them through walls.

If you depend on Fahz ult, you must use different build.

On my last master run on allfathers I had 163 hat-trick ribbons, lol


I use:

Exploit Weakness (extra critical damage)
Ambush (up to 130% extra damage on enemies with full health)
Modified Longshot (extra Longshot damage)
Longshot Handling (up to 80% chance of auto reload - when this happens it’s always an active so allows quicker consecutive shots)
Patience (speeds up ultimate recharge time if you avoid taking damage for 2 minutes - this also includes the inbetween wave interlude. If your team also slow things down so JACK can smelt weapons then you can get your ultinate back very quickly, like once per wave)

A couple of key things about Fahz:

  1. Fahz’s Exploit Weakness also increases his effectiveness using Cryo-Cannons.
  2. X Ray shots through walls and objects amplifies the damage done.
  3. X Ray shots go through Sentinel and Guardian shields so it’s possible to one-shot them.

Very nice build. It let’s you effectively use Fahz ult with sniper rifle in his hand.

For me Longshot Handling card is pretty useless if you don’t relay on Ult, now active reload is avaible after 10 seconds after last reload so you can have every second reload an active reload.

I used pretty similar build, but instead of longshot handling I used card that extended ult duration on kills. But it’s problematical for me to use fahz ult cause of strange method of projecting enemy shape on walls (it moves little different than normal move).


Yeah, Longshot Handling isn’t for everyone. Some people say that they’re not used to it because mentally they’re always preapring to hit the reload button for the active and this throws them off.

I personally really like it because I find in some situations that the auto-reload helps me to chain consecutive headshots much more quickly. With Longshot Handling it can allow you to chain them one per 1.5 seconds or so. The active cooldown has been quickened alot now, but is still longer. It does rely on some luck though given at level 5 it’s only 80% chance.

Some people I know use Critical Parade as well to lengthen the X-Ray. I personally find X-Ray quite awkward because I find it hard to anticipate where the enemy is moving. The X-Ray just shows the enemy and doesn’t outline their surroundings which throws me off a bit.


That’s why I find using x-ray very difficulty, you don’t know exact enemy surrounding, if he doesn’t start to climb up on stairs in moment of shot, also if you move a bit or change camera angle, enemy can be drawn on wall very strangely, falsifying his movement a bit.

That’s why I started to relay on maximizing damage, even if I don’t play on opened map. Simply, I have more chances to hit a head not using x-ray, than using it.

What is really funny with my card settings, modified sniper and modified embar amplifies torque bow active damage by 20%, which with cards and perks creates feeling that Fahz impales all heads with one bow (still, scions have to be frozen to kill them quickly).

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I don’t focus on X-Ray either for the reasons you mentioned - I’m not that great at it! But the damage buff from shooting through walls is very useful for some enemies like Guardians and Sentinels.

Also my team and I have been playing without JD so we also use X-Ray to pick off Bastions.


Exploit Weakness
Modified Longshot
Longshot Handling
Explosive Critical Hit

I have tried Critical Parade many times and it’s just not consistent enough due to varying enemy types, spawns & movement. Patience is viable but risky plus you get his ultimate back every wave with points into the perk for cooldown.

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