Factors other than ping?

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Question for you guys that know about this stuff better than I do. Is there factors that come into account other than ping in game play? More specifically with false fires? In competitive mode (where there is virtually no trade window), I get up to a half dozen of these a match (my ping generally ranges from 30-60ms). Basically where on my screen I fire and hit the enemy in gib range with the full clip only to be chunked immediately after. And I’m rewarded with zero damage. I have got into the habit of immediately looking at my ping and the opposing enemies ping after to see the difference. Sometimes my ping will be up to 60+ ms faster and this still happens. So is visual discrepancy between what we both see that much different? I have been working on adjusting to firing earlier to compensate for the delay in which I see of the enemy, but it certain fast type situations it can be hard. Any info on this would be appreciated.

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It’s hard to say man… you have to investigate a bit to find out what specifically is going wrong.

Take this clip for example - I was 100% sure that guy should have been dead. 1000% sure I didn’t miss.

Now, look in slow motion and you see on the first shot I fired too soon OR I should have aimed further to the left…(slow down via gear wheel on bottom of video and hit speed .25)

As for the 2nd shot of gnasher… I don’t know what happened… it didn’t seem to hit him but was on target

He was pinging very high and latency could have been the cause. If so, how do you really avoid that?

Then you have cases like this where I didn’t miss according to what I am seeing… again, how do you avoid an anomaly?

Then you just have pure wtf moments… you can actually see him fire up in the air… musta been some magic mortar.

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Pretty much gears most of the time these days sadly…

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I want me one of those magic mortars. Must have had a sale I missed back in October 2016.

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you and me both, my man.

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I think from what i can tell is the whole ping compensation really plays a factor to and to be honest it makes sense when you think about it, what i think is between pings (every second) if there is a delay between you or your opponent the game “predicts” what you did, so if your moving left the game assumes you keep moving left and if there is a slight bit of network lag you keep moving left thanks to the compensation, so i believe that when you or your opponent fires there might be the smallest bit of lag and the game then try’s to compensate and either has you or your opponent move when really you wanted to turn, aim, and fire, and when your opponent does the same but the compensation system turns them instead of moving them because that was what they where doing when the lag hit the compensation system turns them and allows them to fire, which because the system thought you wanted to move and not turn to shoot at your enemy you miss and they are able to hit you even though on your screen it shows you hitting them.

That’s just a guess though i don’t completely understand how the whole system works.

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Your name is great:::slight_smile:

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I still remember that spinmagic video. Still so hilarious. :rofl:

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I honestly HATE what happens in those first 2 clips so much. When you witness that kind of crap it just makes the game feel so fake and inconsistent. It’s insulting to one of the most iconic TPS franchise. I don’t even know who to blame anymore, the connection or the devs?

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The developers for allowing it.

The players for playing with WiFi where the router is located under the sea.

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Well after being banned for voicing my opinion about the lag aspect of this game and how the developers have let everyone down. I’m back. Can we please have a choice to pick our own region. So sick and tired of lag and lag compensation here in the UK.

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The problem is that if you came to the United States server your 90ms ping would actually have a negative effect on those from the United States. This is why the QoS was implemented anyways but in the end the problem wasn’t solved because were still dealing with high ping Mexicans. Adding more high pings isn’t the answer.

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Just played a game with someone who has over 1000 ping. I’d love to post a screen shot but it doesn’t left me.

I keep getting an error messages saying

Undefined method `is_image?’ for FileHelper:Class

Do you guys know how to get by this?


Maybe try uploading from phone? Idk if it will work just a thought

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I tried my phone and my PC. I get the same message

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I’ve been getting this error from both my iPhone X and MacBook Pro for about two weeks.

@EVIL_0NE @TC_Octus Can you have the department that addressed forum issues look into this?

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Upload to imgur (or any hosting site… They are just easiest imo) and use link from there and paste in post.

Upload feature doesn’t work for some reason (think they need to update libraries) but linking elsewhere does.

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i had a problem a while back trying to take screenshots or video playing gears. it only happened when playing gears and the match had an extremely bad sync or lag problem. ended up lowering quality settings, that was on xbox though