Fabricator placement thoughts

Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on placement of the fabricator on raven down and clock tower. What works and what doesn’t? This would be on insane or inconceivable.

I have only done Raven Down once but I’d say place it in the tiny crack house. :joy:

Lol, just kidding. My team placed it towards the back of the courtyard and built around it. It funnels everyone into one area but that could also be said for those newer rooms they added on each side too.


Tiny crack house best comment I have heard all week lol

Haha, that’s what everyone called it ever since it was introduced into Gears. :joy:

Raven down is the map I hate the most even on normal and clock tower can just be boring.

I love Raven Down on Versus but I’m not sure how I feel about it on Horde. I’d vote it 100% of the time on Versus though. So damn good.

Clocktower: spawn
Raven Down: the big indoor room with the closet (not the one with pillars).

For Clocktower I mostly go fo the spawn location or the opposite side. Turrets or Heavys with Savlvos behind the wall with the 2 gaps in it makes for a great defence.

For raven down I go for the courtyard because with fences and decoys it just makes for a great kill zone and sentries only provide air support against Guardians/Snetinles that try to rush.

I do like to try other places and only when I use LFG but in public those are my go to areas.

I’ve found Raven Down pretty fun in horde, as long as we set up in the garage and the street to the right. That gives you pretty good sightlines and a nice sniper nest in the pickup truck. I don’t like the courtyard though, enemies come in from too many directions and it usually turns into a sentry-fest.

Go opposite of spawn on Clocktower, otherwise pouncers jump down from the top and get behind the team.

Never seen across spawn might have to try that.

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It’s safer, although if you have good team communication it doesn’t really matter because all it takes is a callout and one dropshot.

Communication is almost nonexistent in game chat or maybe the mic gnome steals everyone’s mic lol. I honestly thought that the Xbox came with a mic but I could be wrong

My Gears One S did not, but I don’t see how people can game without a headset anyway, just because of directional hearing and what not, never mind actually being able to speak to your team lol

Was that the teal colored one or white?


Sweet I honestly have never seen that one. I still have the red 360 for gears 3. Very sharp ty for sharing

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Sometimes people just wanna play the game. They don’t wanna hear a whole bunch of kids arguing if you know what I mean. I like playing without a mic but sometimes it helps. It’s useful when you wanna know whats around you the surround sound is pretty nice. Almost feels like your inside the game with the headphones. Tho like I’ve said it’s annoying hearing kids arguing.

A few of my friends had that one I got the Sapphire Blue 500 GB That came with Gears of War 4 Physical Copy

Best 360 SE and the only console I’ve owned that’s not standard is this one: