Fabricator placement meta

Why is it so important, to a lot of players, that the fabricator be placed in ONLY one spot, and if it’s not placed in that one spot almost all players leave. Some of the different spots I see others put it in aren’t that bad at all.

Yesterday I was in a Forge match and someone wanted to put the fabricator where the incinerator switch is at. I think that is a great spot, for the simple fact that if a teammate dies they can revive and get right into cover, BUT, LIKE ALWAYS, someone wanted it blocking the left side. So, they both were battling back-and-forth moving the fabricator from both spots even when the timer counted down for the match to start. I just backed out and was laughing the whole time.

Are people not confident holding down other spots, or is it just how Gears 5 horde meta is?

why do things the hard way when you can take easier path? #hordemeta


Because I can block a lane with it, use it as cover, and I’m del so I’ll be doing the building :stuck_out_tongue:


One thing I know for sure. Back when I use to play forge (hardly ever play it now, unless I’m helping someone). As a host, when I play as Del I would usually put the fabricator back to spawn and 99% of times players would leave the game.


That almost 100% gets you downed, especially on boards like Forge were the fabricator so close to enemies.

Yep, this sounds about right, lol.

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TC preventing players from taking cover on the fabricator’s back or bugging it out also doesn’t help matters because its front side is so low enemies can hit you there if they have the slightest elevation on your position(or maybe TCs accuracy tuning for enemies is just as bad as every other part of their balancing if not worse because they are far too accurate even just on Intermediate already.


Because “My Way or the Highway”.

They didn’t sign up to do certain setup. When I did Reclaimed at the top middle heavy weapon spawn on Master as Marcus, we let the lobby know and they agreed. And if you’re confident that a different Fab placement is going to work, then feel free to try it. I usually see Fabricator in random positions in lower difficulty. Some of the harder setups really do need experienced players that can hold their own, such as Marcus with his Stim for team mates and auto aim, a Kait, a JD… etc.

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This has been covered.

Everyone knows the meta.

Want to do it differently, then communicate that in the custom description.

I like that spawn location for Reclaimed, and with some good barrier placement around that area it’s definitely doable. But everyone seems to like putting it in the back close by spawn.

I mainly play Kait, so I normally just let the engineer put it wherever and don’t say anything because I know it’ll be a waste of time.

Because it is the majority of horde players idea of fun to play only Forge, to put the fabricator at the same spot in Forge every time and to play every match the same way. That is my conclusion since i questioned the same thing in an other thread. An other reason that came up is that they dont have time to play the game in other ways.

So on training grounds, you can block off the staircase in the two tower areas and use it as cover while they funnel and get trapped. Then you only have to worry about the other side.

Isn’t the fabricator indestructible.just need the info,to stop people fighting over where to put it,I’ll leave it up to the engineer,

Where are you talking about? Which staircase? Are you talking about around were spawn is?

I’ve been setting up in the spawn on forge lately. It’s a great spot. Good for a sniper as you can see to the other side of the map on both sides. A bit harder to defend but so what, change it up. Plus you can see those sentinels/guardians coming in instead of sneaking up on you and wiping out the whole team. Give it a go guys. Host and state in the lobby name “Spawn Setup” Go heavy with shock sentries on both sides and plenty barriers.

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I hate when non-engineers try to dictate where the fabricator goes. I think only engineers should be able to pick up the fab(unless there’s no engineer of course).

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Yes, it is indestructible. People fight over where to put it because they have different opinions of where the camp should be. Some/most like to use the fabricator (and the glitch that makes it impossible to pass by) to shut off flanks in the camp making it possible for all players to just cover one flank and making the engineer not having to build and repair as much. Others want it more versatile and challenging and like to have several flanks to cover.


I do that too but it will make players quit on you and try to move the fabricator even if you put a message in the lobby. That issue might be even bigger on District if you dont put the fabricator in the arcade room.

Just keep kicking them mate.

The Fabricator is the responsibility of the Engineer, and it is the Engineer that should move it to where he or she can build from it the best way possible.
I see a lot of games where the Engineer is not happy where the Fabricator is positioned and some bloody idiot moves it for some unknown reason. It is time The Coalition realised this, and some sort of programme created that allows the Engineer to move the Fabricator and when there is none, a designated driver appointed.
Every game should have an Engineer, if there is none in the game, then the game should automatically appoint a suitable candidate from the team available. If there is a Jack in the game, he will do, if not and you have a Fahz, he will do. I am sure this will be up for debate, but someone needs to build, and i have chosen these characters for their build opportunities.

The Fabricator is the responsibility for the Engineer, so he or she should/needs to move it.


Might be? I can probably guarantee 100% will quit if that fabricator is put anywhere besides that arcade room. I absolutely dislike that board more than any board in Horde because of that arcade room.

I wouldn’t say this should be mandated because they are some bad engineers out there. So, even if they move it in a bad spot, others will still want it moved or they’ll quit.

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