Fabricator Options. On or off?

So, in the past the Fabricator was closed to all but the Engineer, mostly at least, and in OP 4 is was opened wide for all and everyone, which i disagree with completely.

What is the chance that in Custom Games The Coalition can give options on the Fabricator to close it to all but the Engineer, as previously. It has been implemented in the past, so the ability is still there, and also the ability to turn on invincibility, or off depending upon the persons creating the game. For the record, i like the fabricator being destructable.

I have on many occasions said i am not for the opening of the Fabricator to all and everyone, whilst i would like to see it returned, there is room for compromise, and i would suggest that if there is an Engineer on the field, then prevent others from using the Fabricator, and when there is no Engineer, then either assign a player to be a substitute or open the Fabricator for all and everyone.

But for now, a next update could include my idea for Custom Games.


Keep the fabricator open for everyone. In my opinion.


Shove your gatekeeping.


I’m actually okay with the fab being destroyable now. I haven’t even seen it happen yet. It just means you need to build a few more barriers.

As for open fab. I’m mostly okay with that too. Most people don’t buy stuff. “Most”. I do hate it when the base isn’t even setup yet and people start buying weapons. Mainly brawlers buying the scorcher or vets buying retros. Then they get killed and buy more. That’s more of a people issue and not the fab itself.

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I think having an option for the host to prevent non-engineers from buying fortifications in custom would be good. Regarding destructable fabricator I do not think there should be an option, here I think it needs to stick to whatever TC decides in the end (currently destructable, but they are known to do 180° turns on occasion).
For matchmaking it needs to stay open, having some convoluted logic of when it should be open and not would likely be to complicated and would cause more problems than solutions.

Base defences are a must for me. Barriers first, then Weapons Lockers. As for the Weapons Buyers, using the Energy for that, i personally think there should be a limited selection on Weapons. You are only allowed one per life, or one per level, and it does not cost Energy.

Just for Custom Games, as i do agree with you on matchmaking it needs to stay open.

When it should not have happened in the first place, mostly.

I do think to myself, Engineers should be given a bigger allowance for the Energy, after all, it is their job to build a base. it is kinda unfair to expect everyone to dump Energy to feed the Fabricator for anyone to use it on selfish needs.
Engineers are still viable, and there needs to be an option to stop the time and Energy wasters.

Wow, and it is no wonder the game is in its state as is. The Community never fails in its toxicity. Nice one, faith restored in Humanity.


The fabricator needs to stay as is, there just needs to be an option to close it in private matches.


You don’t think the browser would devolve into almost all lobbies using this? This would be abused.

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No I disagree the fab should be open to everyone but I agree it should be customizable to the host. I usually host my lobbies so if I see people doing things that work against the team I give them a warning before I kick them unless they are being an absolute tard. If you’ve got an engi on the team they should be the only one building anyways if they don’t do their job then bye bye. I will even let my engi pick out our base area as long as it’s not a completely dumb spot only thing I ask is they don’t build sentries and fully upgrade lockers before starting a new one. It seriously annoys me when an engi has like three level one lockers. Nobody should be in the fab buying anything till wave 15-20 anyways unless we’ve got a weapons locker fully upgraded and they want to nade themselves out for a extra weapon. Everyone gets one slot on the locker till the game opens up a bit and a few more lockers can be built. Honestly this should just be standard for most gears players but with the release of the new op I’ve noticed alot more dumbasses have come back recently.

Why does everyone hate sentries?

If you put in front of the barriers like the old school engineer in 4 who use to spam and put in front of the barriers and blocking players view. Should be at the back protecting the base.

If you build sentrys first over lockers then I simply leave the game (if I’m not the host).


Open for everyone

For me personally I just find they add extra stress on the game when it already has a hard enough time keeping up with what’s going on and if you’ve got a solid team and a well defended base you shouldn’t need them. Plus there are other more useful items you could devote your resources towards. If people used them as a resource it wouldn’t be overly bad however most just spam the map with them so it’s just overall imo better not to allow the use of them. There are rare exceptions though when I’ll allow one or two to be built but overall no thanks.

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So just curious, lets say you get what you want and you have the option to limit the fabricator to just engineers in custom games. Would you be okay if 4 other engineers joined your game?


I would be so mad if I specifically chose a non engie class and because there was nobody else wanting to be engie it assigned me when I specified I didn’t want to be one.


I’m not the Op, but I’ll say that at first I was open to other engineers joining my lobbies even though I found it curious they didn’t choose a more needed class, but with time I have come to kick them immediately since they almost always do stupid ■■■■.


More OPTIONS are always better than fewer options.


I die a little on the inside when non-engineers buy sentries or upgrade Lv2 barriers into Lv3/4. I like the openess aspect of buying any weapon but fortifications…eh, thats a toss up there for me, I get that if there’s no engi or if the engi leaves someone needs to improvise but from my experience people don’t always put a lot of thought in when buying.

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Let jack build a sentry or 2. B4 op5 that was a way to get ur hijack back quicker. Now with his perk and a few sentries running its super qwik

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I never play with other Engineers. In fact since the launch of Gears of War 4 Horde i have only played with Two Engineers, one was some american that i ended up playing with every Sunday for a good 6 months, and that was only once, i built Sentries, repaired them and he stuck to Barriers, it was on Harbour, and the other team members were alright with me positioning Sentries on the outer sides of the Base, so they could concentrate on the enemy at the front.
The second time was with my Son, who never actually played as an Engineer, just was there for the XP.

The rest of that line ended with something like,

If the option is there, then, it is there. But, we both know The Coalition will never implement my idea, they have already done a u turn to satisfy the Elites in the Forum or on Twatter.

It is possible to complete the game without Sentries, and when they are built, they are built by stupid Engineers, or even more stupid non Engineers. Priority should be Barriers to slow down the enemy and Weapons Lockers for the team. More Barriers, depending upon the game difficulty, then either more Weapons Lockers or Sentries. And, Sentries are for defensive use, not offensive, and it is mostly this, why Sentries are hated. Misplaced, wasted and rebuilt.

Simply put, non Engineers make the game worse, bad Engineers just ruin it for other, Good Engineers. There is selfish, and there is the Team players. And Sentry builders are not Team players, meaning they are… Fill in the blank _______ players.

Problem with The Coalition, is the decision making process, u turns do not make things easier or better, the start of gears 5 Horde was great for me, and other Engineers like minded, then Op 4 started, the Fabricator became open for all and everyone. The biggest problem here is, The Coalition made decision based upon the Elitist either in the Forums and Twatter, but did not think about it in great detail. What people asked for, already exist in Gears of War 4. An open Fabricator.
A Class system that does not work, with obvious reasons, The Coalition are just like 343, can not get the game right they were assigned to make. Given the opportunity, if Epic Games were to have made Gear of War 4, how different would it have been. I am not happy with how things have turned out, and i vent my frustration out at the whingers and whiners and The Coalition for having either limited brain capacity, or no backbone.

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