Fabricator is Bugged?

First off I don’t know if it is the Fabricator itself or something that happens during the process of carrying it around the map.

Anytime I drag the Fabricator anywhere on the map and no matter what wave I am kicked out of the game. I don’t know what happens to make this happen but I was playing Overload and for wave 11 we moved for the tap and as I was draging the fab to the other side I was kicked out. Get the message you have been removed lost connection to gears services and I am back at the menu. Now this isnt just some once off thing! This litterally happenes anytime I pick the fabricator up and drag it to be deployed, it happens with any character, any map and no matter what my ping is.

This has been going on since OP 3 and possibly could have been there since the beginnng but I didn’t carry the fabricator much in the beginning. I have actually avoided carrying the fabricator so I don’t get kicked out of the game and sometimes I forget and other times I test the waters but always get kicked.

Anyone else? or is it just me? Id rather not keep having to avoid the fabricator especially when I am the engineer. Im on console.

Maybe the Fabricator didn’t like being moved.


Are you having packet loss issues?

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Not as far as I know. Hardwired and internet is running smooth. Pinging in the 30s. Funny enough I was in a game with a keegan earlier on and he took the fab and moved it to be deployed and then he was booted while moving it. I don’t know what it is but its really getting on my nerves. Have to go into lobbies and tell people I can’t move the fab as engineer because apparently its difficult for players to move it themselves lol.

Whatever it is its entirely to do with the movement of the fabricator. I can still play 50 waves without being kicked but if I move the fab im gone lol.

Did you ever find any sort of solution to this? I’ve been having this issue since the start of op5.

I did. Don’t touch the fabricator lol.

Honestly no I haven’t. Its still happening so the only way forward is to just not carry the fabricator anywhere lol.

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Just submitted a ticket.

Suppose I’m ■■■■■■ when I host, as I’ll be at the mercy of randoms to place the fab near taps/in a good base position.

Good thing I’m an escape guy for the most part lmao.

all the time i get booted on start up when I move it

This issue when i pick up fab then put it down game boots me out has just started doing it i’m on PC High spec, i reinstalled game 5 ok for 5 mins then returns.