Extremely disappointed that guardian isnt in ranked any more

I thought I was gonna be happy with season 3 and I still might be with this new flag game but seriously, I’m not sure what is wrong with yall at the coalition, besides all the countless things you deem as passable legit game play, that are absolutely rediculous now your most intricate thought out game type is put together with koth and tdm, I personally cant stand tdm, its brainless as all hell no objective extremely boring, koth is okay but again once you onow how to hold a control point there isnt much to think about beyond that, gaurdian and dodgeball there is a great deal of more skilled involved yet, you have to hunt like a pack of lions trying to push your prey into amd unsespecting trap, now that actually takes good communication and a well thought out plan that changes drastically through out the game as you play, but nah let’s just put this incredible game type with these other boring ones, it’s like you threw away a chess board so we can all play checkers instead, isnt this game supposed to be for a mature audience? I’m gonna play gridiron but as soon as that gets boring I will not be playing this game until gaurdian is moved back into ranked, yall are dumb asf for this one

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It’s an insult to checkers to compare it with Gears 5, I would say Cabbage Patch dolls are more like Gears 5…

the only game that behaves like Chess its Doom Eternal at this moment.

No , its designed to cater Fortnite Kids with big credit cards.

For everything. no this one…

Guardian is ResidentSleeper .

I made a similar post but included Execution. I loved Guardian and with my friends who play Gears causally they loved it too. They don’t like campy tdm, high level players in koth and escalation. Guardian was a great fit and they took a Gears CLASSIC away. The people at Coalition need to realize with the removal you literally removed fans. With an addition of a game-mode you can potentially make more but keep both I don’t get it. It’s not like I couldn’t find a game in Guardian or Execution. It’s harder to find a game with a full group yet it took less than two minutes. If they keep doing this, there will not be a Gears 6.

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