Extreme lag spikes after update?

Is this me or is anyone else having extreme lagspikes since last update? Game is unplayable for me i go from 20-700 ping every few seconds


Happening to me to.

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Yes this was happening before the Update aswell.

Players with excessively High Ping going into God Mode and Damage will not Register Properly or it Registers too late. Because they Lag the game

People with that Bad of a Connection should not be allowed to join the Server. Just like the way Every Other Game known to man has it set up.

If your connection is Bad you shouldnt be allowed to play Online Multiplayer, that is most definitely Cheating.

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Yes but i never experienced it as bad as this probably has something to do with the new matchmaking… hope they fix this soon because it really is unplayable


same happens to me

i’m thinking my internet was acting up

There are to many people having these exact same problems for it to be a just a coincidence.

Or people are just being “quitters” cuz they cant get gudd :roll_eyes::unamused:

Obviously there are bugs and problems with their Matchmaking & Servers

Yeah it’s been terrible at times. I thought it was just my connection but maybe not.

I have faced zero issues with this.

Rock solid 5ms ping to my closest server and very stable on other severs.