Extreme Horde Mode

A new variant of horde that I think would be fun…

  1. Only Insane and Incon
    a.Insane you get to select 1 card, the rest are randomly selected.
    b. Incon they are all randomly selected.
  2. If you quit and don’t return with in two waves you get a 24 hour ban from the game mode. **Unless someone has already quit, which then there is no penalty.
  3. Sentries - There are limits
    a.Insane 7 sentries, the cost then doubles each time you purchase one. So if it cost 4k for the 7th sentry, the 8th will cost 8k, 9th will cost 16k and so forth…
    b.Incon 5 sentries the cost doubles.
  4. Turrets - There are limits
    a. Insane 2 turrets cost doubles afterwards
    b. Incon 1 turret cost doubles afterwards
  5. Bonus of 30/40% for completion of all 50 waves in both exp and credit which is attached to bounties as well…

I think this would be fun… :smiley:

No, thanks.

No thanks

I agree with 3, 4, and 5.

Random cards on Inconceivable? really? people get to choose 5 yet still manage to fail miserably. No thanks on this one.

Quitting suspensions? are you a troll or haven’t played Gears for the past 6 months? TC have said little on the matter but the way things are right now regarding quitting penalties for versus, TC either doesn’t care or doesn’t have the resources to fix their own mess, probably both.

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Nope, not a good idea.

People wonk about speed runs… People wonk about quitters… People wonk about it “not being fun” Whatever man… lol… Make the game challenging… “No thanks”

Get dropped into something that is difficult… And you don’t have control over, and then you overcome… That’s is where the fun comes in… That is where it becomes something fun…

Meh… Whateve’s :wink:

If you want a challenge, play as a soldier without any skill cards at all on insane (or inconceivable if you want it to be significantly hard). Don’t even build fortifications. Just play the game as if you were playing Gears of War 2’s horde mode.

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Gears 4 Horde on Inconceivable w/no skills cards is very interesting. @gigidyimonaboat should really try this with 4 other friends.

Don’t you think this a little bit too hard? :stuck_out_tongue:
If no random cards it would be fun AND challenging at the same time. Sometimes challenge alone isn’t great.
But 40% xp bonus oh hell yeah more xp haha

"Do You Even Lift? ". That was a clever idea.

If your thoughts were going in that direction, then maybe you’d get more thumbs up.

Quit punishment? Sure, as that works so well on vs, no?
Potencial to die over and over? (For me at least) no fun.
Sentries, turrets? They’ll buy them anyway.
More xp? That will bring even more unprepared people to higher difficulties.

So… No, thanks.

Maybe get rid of 1 and 2 then I would give it a go. I’ll run Apex Lift/Lift, Soldiers plant grenades, sniper can use sniper strike and make sure spots are covered and let the hammer drop on boss waves, easy.

this isnt really a “challenge” you’re just saying “make skills randoms and limit strong fortifications” there is nothing fun about picking engineer and getting and carry speed turret health salvage sentry speed and flow a challenge would be insane/incon with no skill cards or no specific defenses because just 4 sentries is enough to beat incon on the right map

Just something that I thought would be fun, a change…

Yeah, I know I’m thinking perfect world here… I’ve never had an issue with the quit penalty, but I know many have…

I bet they would buy 2 or 3 above and then the cost would prohibit it… Would need to form different tactics…

Ties in with the quit penalty… You wouldn’t have that because if you quit you wouldn’t be playing the mode… It’s a conditioning thing…

No, it really is a challenge… Changing something to make it more difficult would be “challenging”. Now if you think it wouldn’t be fun, that’s understandable… But if you were to pull

That would be challenging because you would have to do the same job, but not have your typical set of skills to use… You would have to improvise and do what you needed to make it work. IE. Challenging…

My thought process on this stems from the last 4 days of playing in public, and it taking hours to find people that want to stay for an entire effing match… Maybe it’s just I need to find a new way to find games to join… When I play a 1-50 game I want to stay for 50… Not 20, not 30 not 5… The entire thing… I find it so frustrating when I’m in a good group and wave 20 comes and 2 or 3 people bail… Like WTF man… 1-20 bounties should really be removed from the game, or should be tied to 1-25 matches…

Or just like I am currently doing… Looking for a game on insane and failing miserably… Again, I probably just need to join a club or something to get people that actually want to run stuff… :smile:

Quit penalty means you have to deal with every scrub you get, for 50 freaking waves. If Coalition takes this series minimally seriously, that will be kept away from horde.

2 or 3 sentries more, according to your idea, means 10 on insane. Sounds like a wall of it, no solution.

Multiple xp. Still see it as rookie attractive. And your point to accept is… Quitting punishment. Great.

Your idea is no solution to public situation.

(Have you ever achieved or even tried incon cardless run, as they suggested above?)

i’ve done insane cardless with friends just fine thats a challenge saying “random skills” isnt a challenge since there’s nothing challenging about randomizing that’s just called a randomizer which is actually a thing a challenge would be zero skills or zero sentries something that makes you do something you’re not used to is also not a challenge that is literally just changing your play style nothing else

personally havent done incon cardless because after wave 40 you just get instantly destroyed and you cant repair anything during the wave

Fun? Isn’t this game stressful enough at times?! What’s wrong with you, son?!

That’s the kinda answer I expect from someone who proposes such thing.


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Just go back to Gears 3 insane horde with 3 hard mutators and no sb or just play Gears 2 insane horde for a real challenge. Gears 4 horde is for the casual market, enough said.

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