Extra time to complete ToD objectives?

The timer is stuck on zero, but everything is still showing and looks active. So if you got a medal now would it still count? There was a delayed What’s Up and especially the announcements a few days ago about a special Juvie Madness and Social Escalation mode to help people complete medals that mysteriously disappeared. I suspected those announcements were actually meant for the following week, and would come with an extra week to complete ToD objectives. I have most of what I want (except the finger point) and only need five more escalation wins for the In Your Face execution, so a few extra days would be appreciated. Has this been confirmed or are they really cutting our ToDs off right now?

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Well even if it only got extended until Op 2 drops then I might still be able to get the Escalation medal. Has anyone unlocked anything after the timer ended and did you still get the reward?

Edit: Now it says 23 hours so yes we do have at least an extra day.


Good luck finding and better yet winning enough Escalation matches in the time, has been very long queue times for me the past month or so (NA servers).

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I only need 3 more now.

edit: I did it bros! In Your Face execution! Did you all get it already? How about the finger point?