Extra cards to scrap please!

Ok, it looks like this issue has been addressed before so apologies for beating a dead horse.

Please TC, create a patch to change cards that have already been maxed to level 5 into scrap! This is far and away the one common fix you could institute that would please all G5 players; even those who went back to G4.

Thank you.


My guess is they are working on increasing card levels to 6 for Op4 so you will need some of those duplicates

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Some of them, sure. But some cards are just not used, so I’d rather just shred em.

I hope they don’t implement level 6 cards, just leave it at 5 and automate the scraps…

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I think Ryan officially confirmed a while ago level 6 cards were coming, unless that plan has been scrapped. The last eta was between OP3 and OP4

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Hmm ok, that sucks hehe

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They’ll still pile up once they hit 6. So the idea would still be useful to implement.

Not if level 6 requires 50 duplicates

Sadly when I get scrap it doesn’t register,all the time,I did a support way back in January,got a response at the end of January asking has it got sorted sadly no,Still don’t know where to go with this.This is why I don’t want scrap,or card system,but I do respect others who do

You’d still get there eventually. Especially with green cards.

Node zero told me that this was a possibility before op2…were still waiting?

Dana also said that Operation 3 was already set to go a long while back so they couldn’t add that many changes to it.

It needs to happen… the grnid is insane. People have jobs and a life, we can’t all play gears 15 hours a day to progress. “I did while i was off work though” lol…

The grind has been insane starting with Gears 4. Gotta pace myself so I only play in short bursts. Maybe 25 waves one day, 30 the next. I only played on weekends since launch and I still got 3 characters to 18. Now that the rona is here I have a lot more time :sweat_smile:

Played Fahz for 3 and a half days… 80+ hours since release, my gold card is higher than any of my purples. It starts to annoy me when i think of it that way, i don’t play below insane as a rule either…

I seem to get more blues and purples on elite. Golds on master. Green everywhere else though :sweat:


I have 100’s of greens with alot of characters doing literally nothing. The system is flawed, rng was the wrong way to go again. People like to know what their working towards, why has this become such a problem for developers to understand?..!

You must play a lot more than I do…I have maybe 25-30 duplicates max on one of my greens and that is high for me.

Even so we should have the option.


I did 50 waves of incon with Baird earlier got the single much desired score boost card and a load of greens and blues for 2 1/2 hours of play…kick me in the bo!!ock$ instead…it’s less painfull.