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Extended Execution Wishlist (Ideas just for fun)

Could we please have an extended execution where your character vigorously tea-bags an enemies face until their head eventually explodes?:joy:

What would you all like to see as an extended execution?


HAHAHAAHA. Wow! What if they had a helmet on though? Tea Bag Immune? :slight_smile:

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No sir, not even helmet wearers are safe from that devastating bag drop. It’s like a sack of bricks.

Gotcha, Gotcha. So if that was the case. If they had no Helmet, it should be like a massive explosion, like a nuke went off on their face or something. But if they had a helmet on, maybe the head would just shoot off like a Brumack rocket twisting and turning all over the place, before exploding. LOL

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Sounds childish asf. This isn’t fortnite

Hence the ‘just for fun’ part, my dear boy.

Only people who’d find that fun are 8 year olds. My dear boy.

Man, talk about a Buzz kill. So we cant act like 8 yrs old if we want? “Whateva I do what I want!” Ill be 8 having a great time Tea Bagging explosives.

That’s what I’m here for.

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At the very least they could have brought back the arm rip…

Talon has 2 awesome ones so far tho

Even the 2 snub are still nice but add 3rd option, arm rip… unlockable through medals or w/e.

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That would be sweet.

I always thought the arm RIP could be more. I mean keep it the same as previously done. But at the end instead of dropping it. Why not be able to use it as a Mele weapon? Be hella crazy seeing that in game. Prompt would so killed by Arm? I dunno, but yea the arm exec. needs to come back with the curb stomp.

Longshot - jam the barrel up their a** and pull the trigger blowing off their head.

Mace - Set them up on their knees and swing for the fences and their head gets stuck on the spikes so its still there after the execution.

Salvo - Hold barrel in their chest and fire, lifting the enemy into the sky and exploding like a firework.

Torque Bow - Take the arrow out of the gun and do a beat down on their face with it. (similar to Hammerburst execution)

Boltok - Russian Roulette. Executor loads one bullet into the gun and spins the chamber and fires repeatedly (say 4 clicks) while the executed slowly crawls away before the chambered bullet finally comes up and blows them away.

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