Expression idea: Armored Ronin Kantus Seppuku

Just thought I’d put this out there, it would be funny as hell to see something like this, I only think it would make sense with Ronin Kantus (would entice people even more to unlock it) but I’m open to the idea of it being a more common expression.

Disagree. There is no appeal to it.

Maybe a “sheathe katana” expression you can use after eliminating an enemy.


I think man having Ronin Kantus dressed and acting as a clown could work better. . but I doubt TC could implement it in the " CIRQUE DU SOLEIL " way.

The Ronin theme already doesn’t fit–

and now you just want to go further Sekiro with it?
I for one–would like original skins for the Locust that fit my lore, like the Stalker Kantus.

Yeah this Ronin idea in never fit to begin with in Gears but it’s only a one-off skin. Best to just stop speaking about it, and let it die off on it’s own, not continue to nurture it.

You can just play Tekken for your Suppuku fix. I never asked for my Kantus to become Yoshimitsu.

One off skin for now