Explosive weapon hits not registering

Explosive weapon hits have stopped registering for me yet again.
They are not counting for kills or even assists.
Is this ever going to be fixed ?.

1st clip the dropshot hit the other player but it looks like he ran off the cover so only took damage.

2nd clip, the frag landed on the stairs so its possible the hight of the stair protected the player from taking damage. Frags have always been a bit bugged in gears 4/5.

That’s normal, your drop was not an active so most likely you did 90%+ or something.

As for the frag, that’s just the way physics work in G5. He was hugging the cover so it effectively blocked the explosion. It is stupid, I know but it’s just the way it is.

The Boomshot is even worse.

The Boomshot in this game is an absolute embarrassment compared to every other Gears of War.

I remember in early operations it would work like it should most of the time, but right now it’s just RNG based with active shots being slightly favorable.

Nothing compared to previous iterations of course.

Really? Well fair enough, but I can’t remember it ever being like it should. Everything about this version has just been so damn weak.

Oh wise one, please explain this unfathomable circumstance in detail.

Working as intended.

At least its not like gears ue where frags would stick to peoples feet when running away from them.

I had a game today where torque bow hits didn’t register at all in horde.

Happening to me in Quickplay.
Not even 1% splash damage.