Explain this headshot

So, Enemy shoots my team mate and i get killed lol


Killcams are inaccurate.

They probably got lucky and clipped your head as you came to a stop, like they were aiming for you, thought you stopped and aimed for your ally and then by chance of luck they just skimmed the top of your head.


Why were u walking back n forth, u totally deserves to get ur head taken off dude. Ive mastered that shot since gow 1. Ur character just stands slightly higher as her walks back n forth. U deserved to die… no if and or butts.


Its evident sniper aimed my teammate since he was shooting his lancer non stop. Hell, you even see the killcam how he moves the sight to the left to get him.

Killcams are really iffy , but really this game has some serious aim assist and bullet magnetism issues. I’ll pop my head out, get back into cover, then bam! Head is gone: and who can forget getting shot around corners?!

So much fun.

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Don’t rely on killcams…

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Yeah that was a headshot… Moving along cover whilst in cover will still get you headshotted

Hmmmm I dont know about this anymore.

Devs said kill cam shows what server detected. If a shot connects according to the server and you get the kill, the kill cam would in fact show a shot connecting. It rarely does.

So who’s lying here?

I dont get how the server detected a hit, yet doesnt show the hit when it replays.

Killcam probably doesn’t actaully replay what the server registered.

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Both the things you’re describing are latency issues. Hits are determined based on the game of the person shooting, so you may have got back into cover in time on your screen, but not on your opponents. This is a completely different issue from aim assist and bullet magnetism.

That looks like kat and shes useing a one shot sniper rifle,and since swarm seem to soft headed it’s no wonder she got herself a 2 for 1 with you as a bonus.

Simple answer…

Triangles and hitboxes…

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Isn’t there a skill card that can cause a enemy swarm to explode and damage other enemy swarm near them?At the moment i don’t remember who had that card.

Kill cams don’t account for lag-I have been past th3 guy who has killed me on the kill cam and the guy is shooting south while I am north of him

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I think the point is what’s the point of cover if it doesn’t protect you

I’ve been sniping since the first gears. In all of them when you move your head pops up slightly depending on the cover and angle. It’s more than enough go get a headshot if you know how to snipe and you are moving long distances like that it’s easy to predict your path.


Turn kill cams off and be happy, I did.

That’s a legit skills shot my guy, when you’re wallgliding/running your head is sticking up ever so slightly.

Same thing happens when blind toss a smoke of cover or if you turn your head to look behind you while your crouched behind a block. It exposes your head.

Been a thing in every Gears game.

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And YOU deserve to go back to Grammar School, :joy: please it’s free and it will only help you in the long haul. :blush:

That sounds like a Destiny gun perk… d-a-f-u-q you on? Or is there seriously a card like that in Gears 5?

Fahz has it, and sniper class had it in Gears 4. (Horde only)

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