Expired TOD content unlock

After having peeked around, seems that once the actual Tour of duty will expire, its content will be gone forever because apparently TC doesn’t plan to bring it back, so are u really telling us that u’re locking content present in game from day 1? the game already lacks characters and skins compared to previous ones, yes the TOD keeps players aorund but would be reasonable to put expired TOD content into the supply drop so that players not having managed to complete the grindy tasks will unlock those rewards through scraps, "free content stays free " said Rod fergusson time ago, i hope that TC will implement this solution once the actual tour ends, would be disappointing to miss all that content.

They did that with most of the featured gear packs in Gears 4, so who knows.

Yeah I would expect them to become craftable six or so months later. Maybe when OP3 comes around.


The only content that stays available forever are new characters (not skins). They don’t specifically mention that in their website, instead implying it when they describe the difference between a character and a skin.

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Absolutely no.

I think they’re being purposefully vague about how Tour unlocks are gonna work because they obviously want you to play and grind (and hopefully buy re-rolls) with the thought that you can never get this stuff again.

They’ve said these rewards are “exclusive” but TC used that word many times in Gears 4 to describe stuff that was just added to the general pool later. All the various pre-order Gnashers from Walmart/Gamestop/Target/Amazon, the Totino’s promotional Zombie stuff, Vintage Reyna/Oscar/Del.

I think some of the only things in that entire game that stayed exclusive like they said was Vintage Kait from playing the beta and the Rockstar Lancers.

A clear and detailed roadmap of expectations for the Tour of Duty rewards and future Operations. I hate casting aspersions, but I don’t want to ever be Anthem’d again in my life. So vague outlines, unclear expectations, or anything along those lines and you may as well be a snake-oil salesman. I still remember the sting of releases with content on disc paywalled as dlc, day 1 or otherwise. Greedy corporations are gonna always try to find a way to squeeze blood from a stone to the last drop. Here is to hoping TC steps up and knocks it out of the park with how they handle it. I mean, hopefully they already shot their wad on PR scandals, right? :smile:

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