Experienced Horde players- Top 3 and Bottom 3 classes, and why

I used to get ammo perk first and give energy left to Engi (if one). I admit I am not a top sniper so ult recharged each wave is something I am not always able to stand consistently. (Feedback from frenzy as I don’t play 1-50)

Also I do not use Brutal efficiency. I prefer sharing my ult with the card that enlarges the vet ult (It is no jalous in FR)

Reading some others top3, I can easily change my preference to anchor depending on the daily mutator (always perfect reload for instance)

It must be in LOW Ping, I can’t find any Reason to play Brawler in High Ping (100+ >) , but it’s possible for Melee Classes to play in High Ping

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Just so I’m clear, you use a Longshot with a Veteran? Am I reading that right? Typically with Veteran I use a Retro and Lancer. Retro for main weapon and for when I activate my UA and my Lancer with Brutal Efficiency card for quicker recharges.

Yes the longshot is very efficient to get back the utilmate. So basically you can swap between retro and longshot (or keep the longshot and the retro in place of longshot/lancer)

Once I have ammo perk at 10 I keep the longshot and use it during ultimate also. If you don’t spam it it can clear a good part of the field.

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It’s effective in Early Wave, but once Poison “More Lethal” kicks off, it’s not effective at all. Using the Longshot is more effective in recharging the Ultimate.

It also depends on the Map. This Card is Good to use, but it’s risky to Do Execution & Not sure when you Do Execution. When you have CQC Classes, then you may not have much Opportunities to Do Execution.

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Cool. I haven’t played Veteran with a Longshot. Seems strange but I like the idea so next time I’ll give it a try. Always good to hear new strategies . Thx

Top 3

Mechanic — it allows me to have a strategic overview of the game and as such can probably have more influence over the progression of the game than any other class. I also enjoy the problem solving aspects of understanding a map and how to engineer it.

Combat Medic — the ability to revive team mates, repair fortifications and provide a constant stream of stim appeals to my play style of support role.

Marksman — of the high DPS classes the Marksman rules supreme and is in my opinion one of the if not the most powerful class in horde. Being able to kill from distance appeals to my preferred ‘stay back under cover’ nature.

Honourable mentions — Pilot, Gunner (Torque Bow build)

Bottom 3

Pretty much any CQC class (Infiltrator, Blademaster, Striker,Protector) is going to be low on my wish list of classes to play as close quarter combat simply isn’t my play style and I probably don’t have the necessary skills to play them effectively. Of the others…

Demolition — Just an incredibly boring, repetitive class to play. Boomshot, boomshot, boomshot, Ult, boomshot etc rinse and repeat. Not much skill involved.

Tactician — A horrible class. I don’t like the resupply ult, I don’t like the explosive resupply ult, I don’t like that they’re power resource hungry and I especially don’t like GL spam. So much skill involved in ult, GL spam over and over, isn’t there?

Nomad — It’s not so much that I don’t like Nomad, I just haven’t played it that much and the Fear ult just doesn’t really appeal to me.

Honourable mentions — Any of the Promo classes which I think are either absolutely useless—Architect, a CQC class—Striker, Protector or just extremely annoying—Slugger.

Yes, but only outside of the ultimate.

The longshot is used to get consistent headshots that (particularly with an active reload) do more high damage consistently than you’ll be able to do with your lancers. This is done specifically to recharge the ultimate faster. The more damage you do, the faster your ultimate will recharge.

I use the same principle with Combat Medic.

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Mostly the ones who like Demo!

Another easy, lacking in any skill, high damage class to play that sucks any fun out of the game for everyone else.

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Top 3 favorite:

Combat medic

I just find these classes fun. Sure, they have their weaknesses, but it’s nice to play off-meta a little bit.

Least favorite:


A little biased against engineers. I’m not terrible at it, but it’s hard to be perfect. Everyone has some kind of problem with my building it seems.

Plus I get randoms who can’t do the damage, so I usually have to as engi

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In Gears, my favorite playstyles are CQC, Sniping, and being a Tank. With that in mind my overall favorite class is Nomad, as it can do all the above, even if not explicitly the best at either one. So generally you will find me as an aggressive CQC class, one of the Sniper classes popping heads, or generally just laughing in the face of enemies as I face-tank my way to victory.

I honestly have a tough time choosing an exact top 3 favorites in Horde for the pure fun factor, so I’ll just list the ones I like most and then the ones I dislike most, but not necessarily in any particular order:

-Brawler (Ult-spam tackle build): with Killing Time and All the Glory I can roll-play as Omni-Man wiping out an alien planet. The rampages I’ll go on by running around as everything blows up is an absolute blast. I’m so glad to have figured this build out and I haven’t really seen it used much elsewhere yet. Thanks to the damage resistance provided during Ult, I can still tank plenty.

-Marksman (Rapid-fire nuke-snipe build): when I feel like showing off and hard carrying, or just want see the world lose their ‘minds’ (lol), I play this. Longshot Handling, Explosive Headshot, and Critical Parade is such a ridiculously strong combo if you can keep momentum, and wipe entire waves with ease all from the safety of being in the back of the base behind a wall. Unfortunately, can ruin the fun of other players if you are good but absolutely sucks if your shot is bad (even if just for that day lol).

-Gunner (minigun build): while there are a lot of good cases made for the stun/support Torque build, I only come to this class for the Terminator roll-playing of just laying down endless bullets while being so indestructible while face-tanking that enemies literally hurt themselves trying to kill you. No other class really provides such a unique experience and I honestly don’t play this class enough.

-Nomad: a versatile class that can play CQC via Executions, Sniping, and even be a tank while executing or by the simple virtue of things being too scared to attack you to begin with (bugs aside lol). Fear is such a fun ability and Nomad can essentially Ult all the time without actually needing the Ult. So much fun, even in Horde where it can struggle sometimes due to the enemies running away part of Fear.

-Pilot: simple, I love mechs and exosuits, so by extension I love the power trip of the Silverback. When the class first came out it was my new favorite thing, but I somehow don’t find myself playing this class as much as I would think I would be these days. The Hammer Dropshot is definitely fun especially since I like to stun things, but it kinda overshadows the point of the class IMO, which is the Ult.

-Inflitrator (stim-tank build): I absolutely love the OP5 changes to this class as I could never get behind the boring original playstyle. Now, it plays very much like Gears 4’s Scout class but this time with some serious lethality attached. Not to mention, it is the second best boss-killer after Demo and the Cloak invisibility can come in clutch. If I want to guarantee a win while playing CQC or just feel like a super-soldier, I’ll play this class.

-Blademaster: I’m not a fan of this class in Escape, as I feel like I want to use too many cards to get what I want out of it and I can’t stand having to wait on Venom. However, in Horde, you essentially get 7 card slots via the Vemon stuff becoming perks, and really unleashes just what this class can do. It can run around aggressively while surviving and slaying, and is also fantastic at crowd control too while still being another one of the best boss-killers.

-Anchor: I like to snipe, and I also like to tank. And this class can do both quite well with the Barrier, Crit and Damage Perks, as well as especially Bullet Chain. Of course the Boltok is amazing and self-sufficient as well, but plenty of others have elaborated on that!

(Honorable mention)

-Protector: bubble shield CQC shenanigans are fun but I hope the class gets buffed a bit further. Is to this day at least still a favorite in Escape and has the most playtime there from OP1.


You generally won’t find me as an Engineer. I don’t completely hate the role, and I do have fun face-tanking as Mechanic with the stim or auto-repairing everything with Robotics Expert just by sniping, but otherwise am just not a fan of playing Chores of War (funny because I enjoy building things with Lego IRL lol). Granted, when I do, I enjoy taking over the map instead of hiding the base in a corner.

I am most certainly not the support-oriented type of player so I rarely play the Green classes in the Support category, but I certainly welcome their presence and somehow Jack is uniquely fun when I play it as well as especially WITH a Jack player.

These are my literal bottom 3, however:

-Striker: while a lot better than it was, and can double as a sniper of sorts, generally it has felt underdeveloped and there are multiple classes listed above that do what I want out of it better.

-Combat Medic: while I’ll always welcome one on my team and it can be very tanky, I generally just don’t find Assault Rifles satisfying to use in Gears as a whole most of the time, especially against spongy enemies.

-Veteran: similar to the above, can tank a good amount and is a lot more lethal but I still don’t like how underwhelming AR gameplay is in Gears, and IMO having Aimbot as an Ult is kinda boring.


After a long day at work , when I’m tired and not in the mood to think much, I go Veteran lol

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BM is in the more people’s top 3 than I expected. That makes me happy.


My top classes are all assault, tank and the promo except architect. Unlike other elitist that have an absurd hate to Demolitions, using it is very fun, but it gets boring obviously if is the only you’re playing, it happens with any other, also I know is annoying 'cause some abuse the gl and boomshot spams to kill a single drone and is worst if another player was already killing it and it comes and steal the kill, but the class is awesome.
The bottom classes are the 3 engineers, they’re stuck in the old and archaic gears of war 4 formula making the engineers more silly demanding other players deposit. With every other class I always use perks and never deposit anymore after Op 4 or 5 changes, one of the few good things TC did. Is more relaxing when the other 4 players are enough competent to not build and not being engineer dependant, sadly there’s a few players that I count it with a pair of a fingers of a single hand that play this way.

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I managed to get my Gunner completely maxed out. As in +80% damage for Mulcher, as well as level 6 for all other cards. 9 out of 10 horde matches I play, I take the top spot in kills by a mile (unless engie spams sentries for the latter 25 rounds). It has gotten a bit stale to a degree (mounting my turret in a high spot, no spawns behind me, barriers in front of me) SO to that end I only use my op gunner to help my friends level up.
I’ve been enjoying Infiltrator, but with the recent Gnasher love out there I feel I’m just one of many, snore.
Slugger is a one-trick pony too, so I think I’ll try a more uncommon class like Pilot and see if I can play it well enough to run in top 2 or 3.

Veteran has several ways to play. I personally don’t perk up Ammo Regen at all in a Frenzy because I think it’s inefficient use of resources when all I need is to secure 2 spots in a locker instead. If the Engi can get me a locker, I donate everything until wave 4, then get Feedback Boost up as quickly as I can to guarantee my ult every wave. I use Lancer + Retro only in the early waves but then switch to Retro + Longshot. I use Longshot during the ultimate to kill bigger targets faster - for example, I’ll freeze the Matriarch, activate my ult and empty the Longshot and then finish it off with the Retro.


TC used to have a semi-decent rifle class with the Soldier in Gears 4 and I thought it was quite fun to use with a rifle build in its final state, partly due to a skill card that reduced recoil(with what little of it there was in Gears 4) and bullet dispersion the longer you fired your weapon. It even made the Enforcer relatively decent at mid range, for the sake of all things holy. Was still viable on Insane at least, and had decent damage skills(one for rifles in particular and one that just buffed active reloads on all weapons).

Then they decided to trash the entire thing in 5 while also neutering the rifles in Horde, especially the default Lancer which is just horrible. Not even going to talk about what they did to the Enforcer.

Anyway, my personal choices(in no particular order) would be…

For the top 3 :

In regards to Horde
Gunner with a Torque Bow build and Concussive Explosives
Third spot would either be Anchor or Pilot, not exactly decided between either of the two.

In Escape

Bottom 3 :

Any of the promo classes

Note : Don’t tend to play engineers but I don’t have them on the list cause I haven’t really found a particular interest in the role for this game. So don’t really think I rate them in any particular way.

Brawler(it ruined Blademaster’s usefulness by completely removing the need to wait around for any venom and I just find it boring to play outside of causing chain reactions on Juvies or Leeches)
Promos except maybe Protector which can still be somewhat useful in certain hives
Demo in its current state because it’s just not very useful
Note : In reality, there’s way more classes I could list for Escape here that I equally find bad or dislike for the mode, or just boring to play. But the request was to name 3.

LMAO fair enough lol. That is me smashing everything as Brawler haha.

Yeah Gears 4 Soldier felt way better to play and IMO the Hammer of Dawn would have been way cooler of an Ult than the Aimbot. My friend @Siul_S249 played a lot of the Enforcer cross-mapping build you mentioned. Unfortunately the damage falloff it gets in 5 makes that impossible to replicate, sadly. And yeah the default Lancer feels awful to shoot at enemies with. I really wish that all weapons could kill enemies with headshots, like in Arcade. Only downing things absolutely sucks and makes the guns feel like crap compared to even the pistols, including the Talon.

I agree with you about the part where Engineers demand deposits to the Fabricator. That crap is annoying and be extremely toxic at times. TC removed the nonsense from 4 where only the Scout could pick up power, I wish that they could do something about the other half that still exists with the Engineers.

I want to say that is partially due to you being the poster child for the class and always promoting it’s effectiveness. I never thought it was really bad (even when the passive resist didn’t exist), but it is still nice to have seen it gain some popularity even if only on these forums.


My Top 3 Favourite

  • Infiltrator - I love using the shotgun and melting bosses is always fun
  • Anchor - Bullet Chain is amazing and giving stim to teammates is great a surprisingly powerful class
  • Combat Medic - I love getting cluch revives and can dish out a decent amount of damage now

My Bottom 3 Favourite

  • Veteran - I just find his ult and cards boring
  • Nomad - enemies sprinting at full speed in fear is annoying, I also find the Markza is just a tad too weak, my cards are level 5 but maybe that will change at level 6 for mastery and consecutive
  • Protector - I haven’t really used much and nor do I plan to, the other melee classes still seem to have more pros over these

High ping makes trying to play a tackle Brawler hell.

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