Experienced Horde players- Top 3 and Bottom 3 classes, and why

Someone suggested I create this as a new thread so here we go. For you experienced Horde players out there , what are your 3 favorite classes and why. And then what are your 3 least favorite classes and why.

I have my Anchor at 20. Infiltrator at 17. Veteran at 19. Striker is 11 and have dabbled with a number of other classes. I’m trying to figure out which one to do next and the feedback will help.

So far Anchor is my favorite. Veteran can be pretty devastating with his UA, but he’s also squishy. Striker is my least favorite. Kind of a one trick pony. Grab a Breaker Mace and start swinging.


I dont know the order of the top 3 but blademaster is in it. Blademaster would be number 1 in the game if the class had a reliable and quick way of dealing with a kestrel.


My top 3

  1. BM
  2. Anchor
  3. Veteran

Bottom 3

  1. Brawler
  2. Striker
  3. Slugger

I know a lot of players love Slugger but I personally am not a fan.

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I don’t think Brawler belongs in the bottom 3 since they are capable of massive destruction in the right hands.

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This is my personal choices / likes but I’m yet to see a Brawler in Horde ( not ranged one) who would be a true beast and wreak havoc on the field.

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Fair enough. Good tackle Brawlers are pretty rare but the good ones can wreak havoc.


top 3 would be:
Tactician- Love using the hammerburst and the ult can be a life saver depending on build. Also not having to rely on ammo crates is nice.
Anchor-Very self sufficient class as long as they can perk up a bit. Great at defending your squishy dps while doing moderate damage themselves.
Brawler-Burn build can be great support and tackle build is just silly fun.

Worst 3 are:
Any Engineer class- Im not saying they are bad cause they arent obviously…i just hate their play style. I play gears to shoot things not deal with bad horde mates letting base getting wtecked and repairing it.
Infiltrator- A powerful mostly one trick pony, Just too boring.
Promotionals- Despite recent buffs still mostly novelty classes at best. Not great

I consider myself an experience horde player

Top 3


Bottom 3

Blade master
Combat medic

I will not elaborate further.


Top 3:

Blademaster - Wave Clear, high survival, Swarmak Killer, easy MvP

Mechanic - Turret is very useful to Use, Barriers Setting with Extra Discount

Robotics Expert - Test on the Barriers Setting without Extra Discount, Casual Play on Ember, Low Risk to Go Down

Bottom 3:

Architect - Meaningless to Damage, Weak Fortifications, boring because you lack every Advantages in terms of Engineer Playing this Class. In Speedrun Map, that’s Fine, but in Big Map facing Multi Directions, the Weakpoint is significantly proven it’s the Trash Class by far.

Demolition - Too Easy to play, feel guilty getting MvP every Wave

Jack - Boring, lacks the Flexibility to play

Top 3

  1. Infiltrator - if you know what you are doing
  2. Blademaster - same as above
  3. Marksman - just a personal favorite

Bottom 3

  1. Jack - can do high damage but very boring
  2. Architect - should not be in the game
  3. Slugger - same as jack

I was a ranged brawler but switched to tackle, I use all the stim/ resistance cards so basically its either tackle or ranged

Its the only class that is level 20 right now, I do very well when there is no lethal, when lethal is enabled I’m more prone to death, with the melee modifier i basically destroy the map

With the active reload modifier i use ranged and set the map on fire and it works with all weapons including mulcher lol so a fire mulcher

With robotics i spend quite a bit of time shooting since it heals my fortifications thus i dont need to repair them, only thing that requires repair is ammo turrets and taps

Mechanic is boring since you HAVE to manually repair

Top 3:

  1. Blademaster - In a league of its own imo. You need to have situational awareness and good movement in order to play this class effectively. If you have an aggressive playstyle, this class is for you. Although, being too aggressive can sometimes get you killed (ᴳᴼᴰᴰᴬᴹᴺ ˢᶜᴵᴼᴺˢ). Play wisely and you’ll outshine other classes in the match.

  2. Infiltrator - Just as good as a Blademaster with a similar playstyle. If you’re a good versus player, you will thrive with this class.

  3. Marksman - Some might say it’s an easy class to play as, but I still see some people struggling to get headshots. Especially since Aggressive Enemies is now one of the standard modifiers for horde. So, I’d say it’s still a class that requires skill. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy popping heads? Once again, if you’re a good versus player then you should have no problem getting consistent headshots.

Bottom 3:

  1. Demolitions - If you don’t like to see other classes have fun, use this class. One of the most easiest and boring classes to play as. Honestly, the matches where I’m genuinely having fun is when there isn’t a Demolitions class present in the match. A party pooper if you ask me.

  2. Architect - Why would anyone want to handicap themselves by playing as this engineer class when Mechanic and Robotics Expert are clearly better and more fun?

  3. Nomad - Imho, this class is mostly good for escape than horde with its execution build. Its sniper build has the potential to do a ton of damage, but I rather play as a Marksman or Anchor with Bullet Chain if I want to snipe enemies the entire time.


Top3 (actually 4)
BM : same reasons already mentioned. Fun but not so easy (depending on taps)

Pilot and Tact : Pilot is really fun to me (I still struggle to be consistent with dropshot). Tact with the support build (marking all enemies is satisfying and really handy even without demo if you select the good card)

Vet : with a sniper to get ultimate each 2 wave.

And bottom 2 (only) for personal reason :
Striker : still level 1
Architect : obvious (even if ultimate brings fun moments)

My Top 3:

  • Sniper
  • Veteran
  • Tactician

My Bottom 3:

  • Protector
  • Nomad
  • Striker (or Brawler)

And i really don’t like every melee classes in Horde. Every mele after circa 6. wave of Horde Frenzy on Master is useless. Without any special modifier (like 3x mele and similar) they don’t survive. They are always down and don’t have a good dmg. Mele classes in Gears 5 is not well done for the Horde and belongs to the Escape.

My top 3:

My Bottom 3

The reasons are pretty simple. I enjoy the gameplay and the variety between my top 3. Shotgun Bleed, Headshot explosions and sniping with a Tri-shot.

My bottom 3 are due to the promos still needing cards and buffs. I know when I was leveling striker that it had the bug so my mace was doing less damage but still.

My list is based on efficiency and that kinda stuff. “Fun-factor” is not included.

Top 3

#1 Anchor
Destructive class that requires nothing but one perk on ~lvl 5. Boltok is efficient against pretty much anything. Doesn’t need a locker, can output serious damage, protect itself AND allies with the shield plus providing Stim. Shield is recharged very fast. What else do you want?

#2 Marksman
Can be absolutely destructive for waves. Very quick wave-cleaning abilities as long as you hit your shots. Is also adaptive to bosses, a weapon locker helps but isn’t mandatory.

#3 Pilot
The stunning Dropshot is a great utility against anything, especially Swarmaks. Being able to heal yourself and get Stim is a great plus for this class. A weapon locker and one perk on lvl 10 is required for non-stop maximum efficiency though.

Bottom 3

#3 Striker
Is actually alright especially with “First Strike” on range but in comparison to the other classes just not quite there.

#2 Protector
Just too vulnerable in later waves… the other melee classes are way better.

#1 Architect
While the class can be fun to play with, the other engineers just outclass this one and have way greater benefits. The Hologram can be pretty broken if you use it correctly but you’ll have an easier time with the other engineers.


I personally enjoy playing as the Anchor, Blademaster and Marksman.

Anchor is self-sufficient and deceptively strong. The Barrier ultinate is excellent and nothing gets through it, has a fast recharge and team mates get Stim from Harness Energy. You can stand your ground when you’re being pushed and protect your team.

Marksman - well, it’s just satisfying popping heads and has high damage. The only trouble is that lag can effect my performance fairly significantly so I only really play Marksman when the host is EU-based.

Blademaster is fun as it requires you to be active alot of the time - constantly moving and thinking.

I’m not a fan of to the Veteran as I find the aimbot ultimate boring.



  1. BM
  2. Gunner w/ Torque Bow build
  3. Anchor

Least favorite:

  1. Slugger
  2. Demo
  3. Striker

@Pbs01g5 ??? I use a Sniper and get my Ult every wave. Gotta prioritize damage cooldown. Early waves, I can still get my ult every wave as long as I can get a fair amount of executions and everybody isn’t needlessly racing to kill the last 5 guys as if they really need to. Seriously, if you have like a Vet or a Robotics on your team people, no need for you to race for the kills.

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  1. Blademaster
  2. Tactician
  3. Brawler


  1. Demolition
  2. Architect
  3. Striker
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