Experienced GoW player Looking for a SERIOUS eSports team!

Hey everyone! I played semi-pro’s in GoW3 back in my junior/senior years of H.S. and absolutely fell in love with the Gears game and especially the tournament scene! I am a 22 y/o college student who I like to believe is fairly decent in the game and I want to be apart of a team that wants eSports as a final goal and cares truly for competing at the highest levels.

Not sure where to start looking for teams that want to play ladder but I though I would start here! Please message me or lets down down below and see what recruitments may or may not happen! I want to get better with a team with success on their mindset! I love competing at higher levels and love to have teammates! Looking forward to talking with you!

Add me on Xbox : CatDaddyFatSmak

I just asked someone else about a team, they are using the gears esports now I think to run online tournaments . I’m in school rn too, but i trying to get deep into the eSports aspect

I feel that!

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