Experience/custom matches/hosting

So I haven’t much time to play a lot and decided to try and host a game and nobody joined. So is this like gears 1 where sometimes it’s hard to get a match started? Also how do you get experience in custom matches? I take it people have to join in order for experience to be earned, or is there no experience earned in custom matches?

There are some comments saying you get less xp on custom matches than on public ones. Haven’t run the numbers myself but you do get xp and lots of it on harder difficulties on custom games.

When hosting a game do remember to have it open to public.

You can always join someone elses game, there are plenty of them pretty much 24/7

You say about harder difficulty, are you referring to bot difficulty setting or something else? As for the lobby I set it to visible.

Higher difficulty equals higher reward. I am talking abour Horde and Escape by the way.

I’ve noticed a few times now that when I host no one joins. But when I check the other lobbies there all the same with like 1 or 2 people in. Then check 10 minutes later there still the same. But at the same time it won’t let me join them other lobbies. Says there’s not enough space even though there’s only 1vperson in the lobby and 2 of us.
I do wonder if it’s another bug.

As for the xp I’ve never really took that much notice whether there’s any difference.

I getting the same issue gave up on public Horde and tried joining lobbies but I get the same messages

“too many parties in your lobby” when i’m doing solo searches so as of now I can’t play the game
and IT SUX

Well, I had some really cool matches in custom lobbies today - none of those counted towards either ToD challenges progress, or medals whatsoever, I haven’t got any XP or anything for them. At all. I don’t think this is working as intended.
But if it is, then it’s plain unfair to say the least.