Expanded Stats - Ability To See Lifetime Credits & Scrapped Earned - Plus How Much Do You Currently Have?

I’m hoping for Gears 5 we can see much more expanded player stats - just like how Gears 2 & 3 allowed this.

Detailed breakdown of player kills and with what weapons, deaths agaisnt what happens and so on.

It would also be nice to get a “previous match report” to see the final stats of a game you played.

And finally - as per this topic - one interested stat would be lifetime credits earned.

This would allow you to see how much credits you have actually spent and same for scrap.

I’ve seen some people with insane credit amounts too - ranging in the millions - I think the highest was 5.5 Million Credits!

How much do you guys currently have?

Or how much is the most you remeber having / saving up?

For me I currently have:

265,000 Cr

71,000 Scrap

If I was estimating, I would say my lifetime Credits would be around the 350-400,000 and my Scrap to be around the 120,000 mark.

But would be nice to know!

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Cant you see the kills with each weapon now? Also that’s all the credits you have/had? I’m sitting on 600k right now…I’m over 1,000,000 for sure

I don’t know if you can see deaths by weapon breakdown.

I just overall previous games have been more in depth from what I remeber.

And I used to use credit bounties but haven’t bothered since as I don’t need credits for anything.

Hence why my Cr and Scrap is just sitting there and would be nice if I could “gift” it to friends.

Also I’ve done less than 10 horde matches in since Gears 4 came out and only play Versus. I’m only Re-Up 10 Level 62 so not really that high up to get credits.

Completely agree, seems like Gears 4 is lacking on the stats side. On top of this I’d say reintroduce post match report too and see stats on a per match basis to see how you performed as well.

Also we could also see each invidual players post match report too.

Its ashame post match report did not make the cut in Gears 4

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Yeah, I miss that as well as it’s hard to get an idea of how tog performed as lot of people just leave immediately after the game.

A post match report would be very welcome in 5.

Also i definitely like to see the quit and afk count. In Gears 3 i think the post match report for ranked said wins / disconnects.

Find out whether someone is a committed ranked player or not.

Yeah, or if a player did not play (AFK) or Quit it should state that next to them as well - maybe a “did not complete match” tag.

I’ve got about 130,000

Looking forward to spending it on something new next week, hopefully.

One more game and I’ll hit re-up 10. Taking advantage of the 4xp execution

REALLY liking this game mode and the competitive tuning as I normally play core. Just might make the switch to a comp player. Of course the player base will be vastly different next week.

Sorry I’m definitely rambling.

Oh yeah, I have about 100 scrap. I usually blow it on bounties

I only know this gamertag with this amount of credits and probably maybe the highest one.
He’s a YT from Mexico and talks both languages. (English and Spanish)

I don’t mind Execution but I find it too slow and encourages camping. You have to start off defensively for the best start to take out 1-2 players and then push and be aggressive.

I must prefer the respawn game modes!

But I know that people will go bananas for the Lambent packs and also it’s 4x XP for KOTH too so should be able to rack them up.

I must have around 200 bounties at the moment too :sweat_smile:

Wow that’s a lot!

I imagine that can be converted to a lot of scrap too.

It’s situations like this where Scrap and Credits are useless if you buy and use eSports content …

That’s why premium scrap would have been welcome to either get it directly by scrapping eSports cards or exchanging regular scrap for premium scrap.

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