Exp Horde and Escape

hello I would like that in a future update they give more or improve the EXP in Horde and Escape for all those new people who are playing in those modes to re-upload Realizations to have the rewards.

XP has already been overhauled and PvE modes give alot more xp compared to PvP.

Plus TBH the reup rewards are not that great.

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Try this weekend there will be 3xp. You can go from level 1-100 in 1 long game of horde with boost, not sure how the leveling works without it because i have bought the Operation bundles that come with boost.

Exp needs to be increased in Escape and Versus. Escape in my opinion is the harder of the two PvE modes so why does it give so little exp compared to Horde? Time based it seems like.
Versus has been terrible for exp and I don’t see it changing. Some Versus modes are worse than others for exp as well.

Hopefully TC does a ton of exp weekends going forward seeing as this is the last Op. In the end due to them selling Exp Boosters I don’t see any changes coming. 19 Re-Ups to go.

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Much quicker to do an Escape run and Versus round than a 12 or 50 wave Horde and the XP rewards should and do reflect that.

There’s no quick and easy way of gaining XP beyond that of actually playing and enjoying playing the game.

I personally dislike achievement hunters who are always looking for a quick and easy way of attaining the achievements. The harder and more difficult they make them the better. What ever happened to playing the game for enjoyment and attaining achievements simply by playing?

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New players will just have to play it like anyone else. The XP requirements have already been reduced massively. If you want the reward then put in the time.


You know what I dislike?
Dumb and unnecessary achievement who are easy af but take forever like killing 100k in versus.
I prefer damn fu… Ing hard achievements who don’t take forever but are so damn hard that nobody else but me can do it!

So even if achievements weren’t involved the “exploits” would still be found and used because completitionist want all the skins (Heroic Venom, Heroic Kait etc) or they want to max out the skill cards so players will find the best farming method. This has been a thing since gaming existed.

I mean the original exp system was terrible and it is now a hell of a lot easier which is a good thing. I personally find its still too much. I have every other achievement other than win with Vrol and 3 requirements for Chapter 2 plus the two Re-Ups achievements. I am nowhere near finished as I have 19 Re-Ups to go.

So you have all the Versus achievements and you didn’t find those a grind, but complain about the XP system?

This appears to be a common theme.

PVP players who play mostly Versus complain bitterly about how hard it is to gain XP, which it would be if you play mostly Versus. Yet don’t bat an eyelid about hard and grindy those Versus achievements are for players who play mostly Horde like me.

I’ve been re-up 50 for some time, almost straight after the XP revamp, yet am still grinding out those Versus achievements and am still no-where near completing them.

I’m willing to bet you get to re-up 60 long before I get those Versus achievements.

So it works both ways. Unless you’re a player who actively plays both Versus and Horde equally, one or the other will prove more difficult.

If anything, I’d say the emphasis was more on Versus than Horde. There’s way more Versus events and rewards and 70/80% of the ToD medal groups have some form of Versus involvement.

So please spare a thought for those primarily Horde players who have found gaining XP relatively easily when the other side of the coin is far more difficult.

I am more of a PvE player now due to the changes TC has made to versus. I only really play Versus for the medal groups and the events.

I would also argue that two wrongs don’t make a right. The Versus grinds are tedious but same could be said for the exp achievements I think getting to Re-Up 40 is high enough. But that point is mute as the achievements are already here. Edit2: I honestly wanted them to lower the requirements for the Versus achievements by at least half.

TC has shown that they don’t know how to make a fun but challenging achievement list with two games now.

Edit: I rather re-perfect Crash 4 or Halo MCC than play another TC game with a terrible list.

Time based AND unless you’re playing solo and in a way to deliberately get as many ribbons as possible in an Escape run, there’s no way to get the 16+ required for the max XP reward in most if not all hives without any restarts. Meanwhile in Horde it’s less difficult to get the 30+ ribbons but some classes will have a harder time of it than others, particularly since multi kill ribbons have been removed completely from PvE.

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did Atrium and Turbine on Frenzy and 1-50 yesterday and went from reup 51 Level 1 to Level 20. Thats alot of levels for just playing the game, not doing anything special.

I wonder why TC stopped players from doing the multi kill ribbons in PvE?
Yeah I sort of noticed that when I was playing a ton of Escape that I rarely maxed out ribbons.

There was a way in Gears 4 to get a lot of XP through multi-kill ribbons, ie. Sniper Strike.

Plus, if multi-kill ribbons was available, there would be a strong possibility that a XP boosting method would exist.