Exp difference between incon/master for weekly hive exp?

Just wondering the difference between the two. Is it based on the multiplyer? Incon is 4.5 and master is 5.0, so it isn’t that big of a difference, no?

I did incon because I just wanted an easy run through and didn’t feel like hosting a custom incase people thought I was leeching when the hive doesn’t require much. I think if it was on master they’d be too tanky or something, beats me. Got my striker from 13 to 18 in 1 hive pretty g00d.

So yeah just wondering if its like 130k incon and 150k master? beats me

Incon is a 4x multiplier for class XP, not 4.5x. So you’re looking at 120k vs 150k(with boost).

And yes, for some reason TC only applied the XP multiplier changes to Reup XP.

I did Master Link with Level 18, 0 / 80,000 XP Robotic Expert and finished with Level 19, 80,000+ / 100,000. So that was like 160,000+ XP.

oh so i guess 130k vs 160k. how interesting - meh like 1 hour of surge runs - didnt think it would be so easy but -shrug- good to know exact amounts

162,412 XP, to be exact. I’m not sure if +13% and +2% Gears Allies contributed to this.

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does ally exp impact character exp?

I don’t think so. It should be the same, whether solo or group. So maybe not.

okie dokie

It is 4.5 (I am pretty sure).

and I did Insane last week to blast through it and got 130K

Edit: 130K including the amount for running throguh the hive, not just the bonus multiplied

That’s what I’m saying. People get extra XP for the base hive completion XP, not just the bonuses. I was strictly referring to the bonuses in my post. For a weekly hive on Master, 15,000x5x2 makes 150,000, then there is an additional amount awarded for base completion.

The reason why I believe Incon multiplies class XP by 4 is because I got 63,120 when I did the Warren daily with Blademaster on Incon and if I had applied a 4.5x modifier to all the XP involved, I was ending up above the XP I got.

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Awesome! I wasn’t sure if you were including just the bonus or total expected from the run and now I have my answer :slight_smile:

It seemed like a massive difference. I must have done the last one on Incon, because this time by xp went from low 18 to well over 19 on my Brawler and I don’t remember it being that high last time. Actually my Marksman and Nomad still aren’t to 19 and I’ve played them maybe 10x more than I have Brawler in Op5 so far.

Shhh. Or else you won’t be leveling up any character anymore.

I really hope this stays as a feature, makes the CXP grind significantly more tolerable.