Exhibit is best map in the game hands down!

From the atmosphere to the layout and general movement I think the map is great unlike bunker but that’s a whole different story.


I’m glad you like it, but I despise it. It’s too easy to flank on it, but the atmosphere and exhibits are damn cool.

I personally prefer Asylum. Feels more like a Gears map to me.


If they removed the lasers (at least for KOTH) and blocked some of the rifle angles from up top it would be my #1.


Asylum is the best map, i like Exhibit but the top area only having a single bridge with those annoying lasers isn’t very fun. The top area also needs to be larger and have cover for the people down below from annoying lancers


I also enjoy this map

Can’t wait 13 days until operation 2 lands and can’t wait until we see the new maps


sounds of constant whirring in the background

Best Horde map. IMO.

No more Kestrel or Swarmak.

But would love to see at least one indoor map in Operation 2.


A Tier: District, Exhibit

C Tier: Asylum

D Tier: Vasgar

F Tier: Bunker, Icebound, Training Grounds


Feel like training grounds is at least C or D


Exhibit and asylum for me. Asylum reminds me of some of the dark and gritty style of older maps from the early games.

I can’t stand asylum on any game mode, the map is ugly and not very well made.

I agree…

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Love Exhibit for KOTH.

It’s a beautiful looking map, but I wouldn’t call it the best.

Exhibit reminds me of a Judgment map I hated.

I’ll take asylum any day.

Exhibit is a good KotH map. Asylum and Icebound are my favourites. Rest of them… meh.

Except Vasgar. It’s the worst Gears map ever made.

Asylum, exhibit and District. The other maps are for horde😇

Like the background sounds of the map(lasers excluded) and how it looks and the exhibits(some interesting stuff you can find on them, Horde wave breaks give you some time to look around a little). But as gameplay goes, I just don’t like it in Horde that much, at least if you go into the spawn. It just feels too easy to beat. Not really interesting or mixing things up. Prefer setting up at the bridge on top or just the top area generally, even if it may be a harder spot. It gets boring too quickly always doing it the “easiest” way all the time. But apparently the majority of the Horde players don’t even care and only want to play on easy/familiar maps for the most part, seeing as the most common lobby picks for maps are the Gears 4 maps which I still am burnt out from and do not feel like I want to play again ever, and Exhibit. District is a good map too but sadly not that common of a pick for Horde. Have not been able to test many others on higher difficulties yet but Vasgar seems ok. Training Grounds is a JD paradise if you’re in spawn. Literally don’t even want to be on that map if I’m Kait.

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