Executions take too long to initiate + no curb stomp

After doing a full 50 waves of Horde last night and having sadly discovered the curb stomp is not available to us players(GET ON IT TC!), I had to make due with shredding and tearing enemies apart with a Claw LMG instead, which was very satisfying! Yet as I kept slamming the crystal teeth into drone after drone, I noticed that whenever I held down B to execute, the circle would fill surprisingly slowly, leaving me more vulnerable and exposed than just the execution animation alone did.

Second thing is, where’s the curb stomp!? I heard rumours that TC is planning on having it be unlockable, but why? It’s already in the game by default, they just forgot to map it to a button which I imagine wouldn’t be that hard of a fix. I’d rather not have to replace a weapon execution just to be able to stomp someone’s head off. Like another guy said, this really is a no-brainer.


Yeah I was trying to curb stop for hours in campaign. Wtf it’s so worrying that they’re taking pages out of Gears of war judgment.


Is it still B to execute? The prompt didn’t appear for me in versus yesterday and someone took me out while I was fumbling for the right button :frowning:

Idk why we can’t curb stomp. The execution is definitely in the game i tested it myself with a AI. he downed me with a lancer and used the surgical procedure execution on me but some times while still holding the lancer it will do the Curb stomp. I personally feel like it was an oversight when they changed the execution button from Y to B they forgot that the stomp was a Y tap. And because you cant press Y to executive. The stomp is unactivateable. They have not removered it tho. I think they honestly forgot the remap a button. Im gunna fiddle with it see if i can glitch it to work some how lol