Executions for all weapons are glitching

Ever since this last update with the curb stomp my executions have been glitching. No matter what execution I pick it keeps doing the same one over and over . Its the choke hold execution for the enforcer but I’m some how doing it for the pistol, GL, Breaker Mace and those aren’t even an option. Here’s a quick video so you can see

Even the new execution from the store are doing the Choked up execution

I notice only recently that mine is doing the same thing, not only for the Lancer but for all the weapons, I’m not sure it’s what, i asked some friends to check theirs, it’s happening for some users but not others, Hoping it can be fixed, cause we can only do this execution. Are you playing on PC or Xbox One?

It’s been happening to me as well. It doesn’t seem to be global since certain players are able to execute normally.

The Nades and the Breaker executions seems to do fine, but all the other weapons are glitched with the chokehold execution.

I figured it out. Turn your Gore back on.