Execution shield/protection should include retro charge


At least two characters (Marcus and Paduk) have abilities or cards which give them some protection ‘during executions’…

IMO, those should extend to the movement during a retro charge…

Trying to retro charge enemies, on higher diff levels, gets you killed, because you get downed before you can get to them… with a chainsaw, ok, you can kinda rev it up in cover (IF it works!!) and then just pop out… With a retro, you can’t - you have to get a running start, and it’s not a trivial distance… On higher diff levels, you get dropped before you connect with the enemy…

For Paduk that makes that approach or retro charging enemies to get stim and cause fear (a fun play model) VERY risky, borderline impractical, on higher diff levels…

Sure, that might have some unintended benefits, like players could use retro charge to move from point A to point B with extra protection, but I can’t imagine that being a problem… Paduk or Marcus could retro charge into the open a little to pick up a downed team mate, for example, as a side benefit…

Anyhow, giving protection during the retro ‘execution’ but not during the retro charge seems like only half a job done, to me…

Thoughts, @TC_Sera ?

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I have to disagree. You aren’t actually executing anything while charging. Something like this could be easily exploited. Also it doesn’t take that much charge to hit the execution unlike Gears 3 and 4

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yeah, that’s a terminology comment, I’m not saying the retro charge “is a part of the execution.” I’m saying for the purposes of what that card is intended to help/support, including the retro charge in the coverage would really help, with minimal ‘negative’ side effects.

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I get what you’re saying and I’d love to see it go into effect but I’m pretty sure that it won’t.

I’ve been using Paduk’s execution shield on Surge and noticing that I could totally get dropped after my melee combo before outright initiating the execution.

So I get what you’re saying that the window for execution protection is frustratingly small & dangerous. However if you can be stopped from executing then you’re not executing so execution protection changes (linguistically) to execution attempt + execution protection.

To me it looks like it’s an insignificant circumstance that they’re experimenting with trying to make it significant; kind of like with sisters to the end - mostly useless because the circumstances are not reliably(or desirably) attainable.

It would be nice to have execution protections available in the moments that matter most while you’re vulnerable trying to start one however there is always the chance you won’t be successful in starting one either due to missing with the retro or fumbling the melee combo and then you are not doing the execution so to protect you as if you were is outside of the current wording, although it would be very very nice.

Lol no

A compromise/counter exploitation mechanic could be to make any player attempting to initiate an execution immune to being downed until the attempt transitioned into either failure or an execution.
With that then if they failed they’d go down but if they succeeded then they would still go down unless they had execution protection in which case they’d get healed and protected till the execution completed.

That’d probably be hard to code but it’s semantics would be harder to exploit and it would make Marcus’ passive more useful. Paduks is rolled in with stim so it’s still more valuable than Marcus’; In fact in light of this maybe Marcus’ passive should be Paduk’s execution shield eh?

I just love the intelligent, thoughtful, articulate arguments people make on these forums :slight_smile:

yeah, that’s a good analogy, but I feel like they make the Paduk executing enemies a big part of his playbook, supported by multiple cards), and I feel like with a little tweak they could make it so much better… Because, like you said, in the current form, the usefullness and applicability of that , on higher diff levels, is very small…

And I’ve already given up on stim based bleed, lol… Both things which work fine on beginners, but break down on Insane+…


What did you expect? The next thing you could ask for is enemies stop moving when being shoot at. Would make the same amount of sense as your suggestion.

Your OP reeks of casual shcum.

Let’s also ask for 100% damage resistance at Level 6 when just revving the chainsaw…


Being completely immune while performing an execution is pretty OP as it is. I wouldn’t ask them to buff this mechanic any further. Actually, I never asked for it to begin with even though it does make life for Marcus alot easier. All I wanted originally was for Marcus’ brutal efficiency to apply to all executions.

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If they do that for the retro charge they might as well do the same thing while the chainsaw is reved

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I enjoy Paduk’s Menace card on Surge however I kept getting dropped attempting to do the obligatory execution.
So I added Nomad Armor…
Then I kept getting dropped
So I added execution shield…
then I kept getting dropped
So then I added Faze.

Faze did the trick!
Now I could stay up long enough to start executing a guy,
Now I could be 90% invulnerable while executing a guy
Now I could be left alone after I executed the guy so that I could run away.

2 extra cards to take 90% invulnerability while executing from useless to useful.

2 extra cards that Marcus doesn’t have.

The moral of this story is that - Marcus doesn’t have DR while running up and he doesn’t have fear while running away so even though he has 100% invulnerability between 2 highly probable drops he has effectively nothing because it’s stupid to die just to be invlunerable for 1 or 2 seconds that you can’t do anything else during anyway.

The real thing that starting this conversation could have been exploring is - can a passive (that is currently too dangerous to try and use ) be redeemed? and how?

One suggestion may have downsides but the problem is real so rather than belittle a suggestion to redeem the useless passive then how about some other suggestions?

I am reasonably certain that if you looked at stats since Marcus’ passive change you would NOT see him performing significantly more executions than anyone else. If his passive was OP then he would do more than everyone because he has the power - instead I’m confident that he does roughly the same because his power is the roughly the same as everyone elses. The barrier to execution isn’t living while you do it but also living long enough to doing it and living after you do it.

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@Ektope would have a reliable Paduk execution build that works very well for Master so I’d ask him for advice on the subject.

I’m happy with what I was able to do. But my point was that it may be worth noting that being invulnerable during an execution is a codependent scenario where the other dependencies have significant impact.