Execution Questions

I’ve got some questions about the executions in this game. And no article online seems to be discussing it at all, aside from the " Road to Gears 5 "
Which, that reminds me. I’m still waiting on Gilded Marcus, RAAM, and the executions associated with it. May as well put them out on the store as legendary items, or make them purchasable only.

  1. Which Execution is the shortest in the game?

  2. Which Execution is the longest in the game?

  3. Which “Extended” Execution gives the most points in the game? (EX: The ones where you tap B to extend it.)

  4. Why is “Snapped,” “Armed and Dangerous,” and “Pummel” Execution listed as “Essentials,” and “Starter.” Yet none of them are earned by default, nor are purchasable.

I very much doubt any of the Road To Gears 5 rewards will make a return. I’m pretty sure TC said they want those to be exclusive for people who did it at the time.


Classic Curb Stomp, or a Meatshield discard (fastest, but probably won’t count if the enemy kills your shield)

The Armed and Dangerous execution. Any other beatdown comes as a close second.

Did you complete the challenges? TC has stated Raam will not be added at all which to me is a good thing. Some things should stay exclusive

Well, I actually did everything for the Road to Gears 5.
It’s just that back when the save files were a big issue, my save got corrupted, and I only ever got my gilded weapons back.

They were tied to your profile with achievements, if you did unlock them you should have the proof. Just submit a ticket

I have the achievements, it’s just that when my save got corrupted, I lost my gilded items in Gears 5. Despite me having them before.

And I agree with them.

But what about " Pummel, Armed and Dangerous, and Snapped? "
Those are Essentials/Starter, yet none are available by default/purchasable.