Execution Questions 2

Hi! Gears, I love your game, but. I keep noticing an inherent issue with the executions system…

Holding the Right Bumper to Retro-Charge, or to use the Lancer’s Chainsaw feels very stiff, and I keep accidentally reloading. Any way to combat this? Or to revert it back to Gears 4?

Is there any way to implement a feature to just ’ Tap ’ to curbstomp, or to execute faster? Or is the only way to execute now, is to hold the melee button? Or is there any alternatives?

Why doesn’t the Meatshield count as an execution, anymore?

Which Execution is the shortest in the game?

Which Execution is the longest in the game?

And lastly, which Execution gives the highest amount of points?

Extra Questions -

Why isn’t the ’ Pummel ’ Execution available to everyone? Despite it being a “Essentials” Execution? Shouldn’t it be free, then? It’s on the Talon by default, but why not the other pistols? I atleast should be able to purchase it as all other “Essentials” in this game have a price.

Why isn’t the “Armed & Dangerous” Execution available to everyone? Despite it being a “Starter” Execution? If not purchasable?

Why isn’t the “Snapped” Execution available for purchase? It’s listed as an “Essentials” Execution, yet there is no purchase option for it in the store. Nor customization menu.

And as for the Customization items, why is a very large chunk of customization available in this game, unavailable for preview in any of the characters/weapons/executions? I can only find most of them in the store, and others just don’t exist anywhere for preview.

Tl;dr -

  1. Which execution is the fastest in the game?
  2. Which Execution is the longest in the game?
  3. Does Meatshield count as an execution? (Ex Picking up, or neck snap?)
  4. Why is most executions underneath ’ Starter ’ or ’ Essentials ’ unavailable for purchase?

4: I think some of the earlier executions were rewarded in previous ToDs. You had to unlock them. If they were put in the store right after the tour ended it’s kind of a slap in the face to the players who actually worked for it. “Why would I grind 4 months for this skin/execution when it’s going to be in the store afterwards?”

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The chainsaw execution is bugged to hell! And everybody is complaining about it since it’s been relocated to the RB instead of the B button. We all have been stuck reloading instead of raving up our chainsaw. I think TC is working on that.
The fastest execution in the game is the meatshield and swap your weapons Method. It only applies to escape for extra points though and is the highs time awarding method.
If you don’t know what I mean by swapping weapons it is ; melee and stun your enemy and press X to meatshield them and then straight away if you have a weapon on your back, swap to that weapon. The enemy will just drop to the ground. This only works if you have other weapons and not just a pistol.
Also it’s a very handy method to use in horde as it’s fast. Kait with her ultimate could wipe out the whole wave with this method if she has the right cards on.

Yeah, but why would they listed as ‘Essentials’ and ‘Starter’ then? Should the ‘Starter’ ones be awarded by default, and ‘Essentials’ be purchasable? I don’t understand why they’re not listed as ‘TOD1’ or something.

so much faster and satisfying. dedicated button, it’s quick, no (Hold) nonsense.

Y button isn’t even used in MP and as for Ultimates they should just change it to LB+RB. it works for Destiny, it will work here.


Did some digging into the animations, and I found out that the “Gears 2 Curbstomp” Is actually it’s own individual animation compared to the ones the bots used in multiplayer.

As long as it does not mess up the wave countdown skip function or doesn’t make players waste their ults during the wave break, I’m all for it. Well, maybe as I have gotten used to the current control scheme.

Pressing “Y” when the wave is currently starting doesn’t do anything as it is, it’s only when the " Wave X Start! " Gui goes away that you can use your ultimate.

It is used to buy perks but I saw it as redundant to mention that as it would not mess with the execution function due to being in between waves anyway.

I guess that makes sense since it looks ever so slightly different.

If you switch your controller scheme to alt-classic your ultimate is LB+RB.