Execution players here's our chance

Classic Execution event is live! This is our chance to show that Execution belongs in Gears and needs its own playlist!

Yeeaaaa right ooooon!! Quick gooooooo

Both of you gooooooo now :yum:

Save your dead game mode in a dying game before it…s…errrrrr

Nope sorry

Its too late

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Hello Mr Buzzkill :slight_smile:


Lol, always a pleasure :kissing_heart:

I’m wit ya tho, ex was my fav, but I’ve got pics of me queing for 90min during PEAK uk play times back when far more ppl were actually still playing this game.


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Yeah man I feel your pain

Im a nostalgic and wish we were in peak gears 2 times when Execution was absolute king. :slight_smile:

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Ah man, I miss peak g2 days, life was great then, I worked only a few hrs a day and spent the rest playing gears2 back at me flat with me mates. Not a care in the world :grin:

Used to get host quite abit too mwhaahaaahaaa😈

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Sounds awesome!

Same for me, gears was life back then. Weekdays it was school then gears. Weekends it was gears n beers! :slight_smile:

Good times!

Aah yeah the constant chase for host, i kinda miss it :slight_smile:


Yea I kinda miss host, all I wanted back then were servers but at least with host 1 in 3-5games, the game would actually work (for you atleast)

Now, it jus doesn’t work lol

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So true

It feels like its always been some kinda problem. With host we wanted servers. With servers there is often problems.

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Execution might be popular to talk about but TC has given chance after chance to make the mode a popular one and it fails every time

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Pretty much. This is also coming from someone thats a big Execution fan.

Epic killed the single life modes when they introduced TDM. Everyone wants to talk about how they love Execution/Warzone but no one will play them consistently.

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You guys are right but its getting tiresome how negative the forums almost always is.

I love Execution and will keep on playing it as long as I can

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I remember we had the worst player on are team bridge host just so we didn’t have to play against lagswitch187, I mean ghost. Good times!

I miss Execution. I think I’ll play that tonight instead of Gridiron.

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I would play but there’s no wall canceling lol it feels weird. I’m just going to keep playing the single life playlist and vote execution everytime

It shouldn’t have to be the most popular mode to stay in The game. There’s still a dedicated player base regardless how big. Like I shouldn’t have to only play one mode in order for it to stay. I like switching off between modes because I want to go masters in each, and when I do I go back to execution, escalation, and guardian. (Can’t now because they took them all out )They might as well take out. Every mode but KOTH if this how there doing things. P.S I hope they don’t lol


Classic execution, classic anything isn’t classic without classic maps… sorry, not sorry… execution gridlock, mansion, river, jacinto…the list goes on.