Execution player base and skill gap

What’s the deal with execution? Are all the best players playing this game mode or something? When I play any other game mode I’m on the top of the leaderboard and win the majority of the time. When I play execution, I’m not just losing but I’m getting my *** kicked lmao. It’s like I’m playing in the gears pro league. One match I was getting blind fired and Spider-Manned by sniper the entire match lmao. Is there really that big of a skill gap with execution players compared to the rest of the player base?

Guess it’s time for me to git gud lol

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people who have played the game for the last 15 ~ years tend to gravitate towards execution
ALWYS been that way

THey still love that 1 life modes

It’s a dork mode where everyone pretends they’re MLG and hides/camps/runs away until you either fall asleep or push into their advantage. The KOTH player base has way more mechanical skill, tbh.


Unforgiving game mode for sure, what makes it fun at times

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They love it since they have no life, it gives them one.

I’m joking, I joke. Bad jokes are kind of my thing.

Playing execution. For almost 15 years :joy:
I’m right behind them
Playing Koth / annex for 10​:joy::joy::joy:



Maybe if you Exe dorks were as aggressive in game as you are with your memes, people might actually want to play your mode.


You are basically realizing you are not as good at gears as you think you are… people have been playing exe since gow1. we know more than you and are way better than you. play more and stop complaining that you are not as good.

Execution players are ■■■■■■■.

Edit: Not serious. But no the player base in Exe is basically just players who think their good. The good players are playing FFA or Control.

In basically every game of exe I join I’m playing competitive players, it’s so weird.

Praying that this was said in a sarcastic tone.


I only played a couple of games yesterday which I did terrible in. I think I broke even in 1 and had an okay spread in another but overall I wasn’t happy with my performance.

I really only played Execution in Gears UE which I loved but in 5 it just doesn’t play the same. Or it is all in my head and I am just now bad at single life modes.

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I wasn’t complaining at all. I was stating that the player base for execution seems more skilled than in other games modes since I haven’t been getting MVP the vast majority of the time like I’m used to. I’ve been playing gears since gow 1 and know the game very well. Maybe read the post before trying to trash talk. The purpose of the post is to spark discussion, not arguments.

I’ve also been winning much more consistently since I originally posted so it’s really not that difficult to adjust.

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