EXECUTION now quietly removed from private, and GoW5 all together

I’m always in here complaining about the loss of Execution and all other single life game modes in gears of war. Every time I post about it a lot of the oldest players in our community voice a similar opinion and even more who have the left game behind entirely because of it, are no longer in the forums to agree.

none of this is news.

but last week i believe, quietly, TC removed Execution from even PRIVATE PLAYLISTS
our last bastion for gears as we knew it lol
It took me a long time to round up enough old execution players to get those private matches going some what regularly and now even thats gone.

WHY ?!

what is this vendetta TC seems to have with Execution ? what possible benefit is there to erasing it completely from the game well over a year after release. mind you there are THREE DIFFERENT TYPES of free for all still playable in private… but we can’t even have one classic execution playlist ?

tdm has ranked, social, private,
koth has the same
free for all has the most playlists of any game type in gears of war
most or all other game types after these have at least one playable mode, wether it be ranked social or private.

guess how many Execution has in GoW5 ?


Also we can’t play without internet connection, we can’t see or customize characters/skins on campaign lobby and LAN versus respectively and many other issues they don’t have interest on fix it. Is very bad they forbid us on play what we want and also how and when we want. I can’t accept there’s still people who defend this company. TC are the worst. Gears of War deserves better.


“Where’s execution?”

“Gone. Reduced to atoms.”

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Cost benefit analysis.

They dont want to support a game mode which their data tells them isnt really a factor in bringing/keeping players around, in numbers which are statistically significant to them.

Thats my guess.

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I just dont see why there can’t be versus modes for veteran players and versus modes for new players. Who cares if the playlist “didn’t have enough players to keep it”? The people who enjoy Execution/One Life modes will play in those playlists. The people who like the other modes will play those. Why not just make everyone happy?

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Again a guess but: there could very well be some kind of pre-mode overhead, of whatever type (size of the executable, performance, memory signature, etc) and they decided that the benefit of eliminating that overhead associated with Execution was worth losing the people who are playing that game mode.

I would guess Execution is not what attracts new people, and we know they are all about the new players.


Why not just enable execution in Warzone, or let Team Deathmatch set extra lives to 0 and enable execution rules?

Please bring it back

prob because its seperating the player bases. now since execution is gone, you might be more inclined to play ranked or other popular modes.

keeping it would keep a very small group of people entertained. those people also might just play the dead game mode in private and that gives TC nothing in return, broadly speaking.

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I am more inclined to play Gears of War 4… Oh wait… I have already reinstalled that game and started playing Quick PvE again.

@TC_Sera can you or someone explain why it was removed from private/custom?

You’re giving them too much credit. With every decision they’ve made since OP4 I doubt they know the meaning of the word “Analysis”

Hey there,

It wasn’t removed on purpose, a bug made it go live with the last TU, we’re looking into it and we’re going to restore it.

odd, well that’s good news at lest, but while you’re here Shaun lemme tell you that Execution 2.0 sounds awful and will NEVER replace the OG formula. stalemates are part of strategic gameplay that made gears of war and execution a brilliant title to begin with.

stop all this nonsense. just put REAL EXECUTION back on ranked. and leave it alone.
every other gears ever has… why not this one ?

Any timeline?

Should be back after today’s TU I believe!

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Nope just execution 2.0 which is basically Warzone , I think you can at least edit settings

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