Execution eu matchmaking

Couldn’t find a game last 3 week,i can find a game at tdm like 20 seconds.It will be great if we get playerbase on regions


They won’t show the amount of active players by region as it will highlight how low the player base is.

I haven’t been able to get ranked yet since the reset as i’ve been unable to get an execution game. :sleepy:


The unfortunate reality is this.

  1. Execution was added as a late edition playlist to ranked
  2. When Execution was added, it was plagued with server issues with high ping for EU players
  3. Execution is primarily designed to be a competitive playlist in a game designed for a casual/new players
  4. Gears 5 is currently #20 for most played Xbox Games in EU
  5. Gears 5 currently has 813 players in-game on Steam
  6. There’s currently 3 Quick Play modes, 5 Ranked modes, and 1 Event mode (OSOK)

Combine these facts together, and you should be able to identify that not only is the population of the game very low in EU, but it’s also unlikely that the current player-base wants to even play Execution due to negative experiences with the online multiplayer and an identify mismatch from the game mode and the intended players.


I’m looking to get my placement on exe too (eu). Today I was lucky to find 4 escalation and get my bronze 2 medal xD. Speaking of ranked, before the reset I’m sure that I found gold players or better (does exist Diamond?) while I was bronze or silver 1, and now I feel the same, I found so many players that can win almost solo.

y h thats right but it can be resolved with xp boost or something else
idk escalation is more complex but i can find a game in that mode feels weird