Execution "Classic" (no wall cancel) gone?


I haven’t posted in a while but I recall that at some point in earlier September, there was Execution with no wall cancel and I thought it was glorious to bring that back,

Unfortunately, I sold my 1080ti and had to wait an entire month for the 3080 on a lucky drop from Best Buy. When I came back, I realized that the playlist mode was no longer to be found.

Is there any possibility or way of playing that way? Given that TC refuses to fix Gears UE PC or make it crossplay, I have no way to truly enjoy the OG Gears experience. When I came back and played again vanilla Gears 5, I just felt the magic wasn’t there anymore and I deleted the game.

I know there was a lot of controversy on Twitter when that playlist was added but I guess I was in the bandwagon with no wall cancel since it played very nice and the pacing was great. It felt like Gears.

At this point in time I’ve moved to CoD, possibly to Apex in the near future and finally Rogue Company which I’ve yet to see but it’s probably going to be my real Gears replacement. I really don’t wanna give it up but (shrug) same maps and sub zero slides ain’t just cutting it for me anymore.

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It was a weekly event some time ago. Every week or so we get a different one. Right now there is Torque Bow Tag and next week we’ll have 2v2 gnasher.

Gears UE Win10 has long been dropped by TC, so don’t expect a fix.

Given the current condition of G5, this new operation either revamps the game or buries it for good.

Was an option for the next event on tuesday, but BttE won.

Thanks for the reply fellas. I guess Gears remains uninstalled. It was a good run. Have fun fellow Gears head. Until whenever or if ever this franchise returns to greatness.

I would love this to have its own permanent playlist

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It’s a custom game option. Get some friends to join you, host it public and get a game going. Maybe use LFG.

It should be a Ranked option but I am not going through that trouble lol. Maybe later when the game starts to really die down.