Execution and Control in Gears eSports

Read that execution and control are being added to GE. I’ve watched these a couple of times. Execution makes a bit of sense, since it was the official mode back in the day, and the new ring reduces camping. Control doesn’t really make much sense.

I believe there is a sort of ‘awe’ in seeing teams make a comeback, in a split second. Control and KOTH are fun for ranked, but that’s because they’re 2-3 rounds. These types of modes can be dragged out for a very long time, even when teams are different in terms of strength. Waiting for the better team to finally win from getting a certain amount of ring score seems kinda boring.

Maybe if there was a new rule for control, like if a team were to hold the ring for one full count, without losing a single point, then they automatically win that round.