Execution 2.0 is not Execution at all

I am excited to have a single life game mode back in gears but calling this new game type “Execution 2.0” and throwing it in a bot loaded event playlist is NOT AT ALL what all what we have been asking for.

Execution isn’t broken, never has been, so why are we trying to fix it ?
I get that there are plenty newer players that don’t have the patience for single life game modes, and that’s totally fine, let em play KOTH or TDM or any of the other countless playlists constantly being made based solely on reswpawns and ring capturing lol
who cares ?


stalemates are part of the strategy of execution, If your team is man up and can’t capitalize to get the kill YOU SHOULD BE PUNISHED BY A DRAW

If you are man down and skilled enough to hold out till the end of the round

stalemates are a part of what made the gears of war gameplay the chess of all shooters.

why is it that TC and the new era of gears players is always trying to tamper with with the classic execution formula ? ITS WHAT MADE THIS GAME A WORTH WHILE FRANCHISE TO BEGIN WITH, I doubt gears would have ever made it this far with out the originality of the execution gameplay.

your average KOTH takes 20-30 minutes at the VERY LEAST
yet no one is complaining about that ?

look I don’t mean to be completely negative about this “2.0” business, as I am relieved to at least have one single life elimination game type coming back but this is not at all what we have been asking for, infact its so typical of TC


thanks tc, hit me up when ACTUAL EXECUTION is back on RANKED not in a bot loaded playlist with circles to cap smh.

what a joke… this is so frustrating

I really just wanna play execution
you know. like you could and still can on EVERY SINGLE GEARS TITLE EVER MADE PRIOR TO THIS…

didn’t realize that was so difficult to ask of a gears title.


I want an instant hammer of dawn gun that spawns only in my inventory in ranked game types.

Do you see me whining here about not getting what I want?

Apart from this you do not.

In short, your thread dont impress me, your use of capslock dont impress me and your post will change nothing.

This is me in constructive criticism mode btw.


I hear all this whining and we havent even tried the mode yet :rofl:


Show your reply you coward


This is basically the one chance exe has at becoming an esports mode.


Say what you want but OP has some points. As usual the delivery isn’t the best but they’re making an effort to express their opinion about the playlist. Not to say people aren’t entitled to criticism, this is a forums…

The statements I agree with are

  1. It really wasn’t broken so why change it? There isn’t anything wrong with trying something new but perhaps they should consider a playlist called “classic execution” for those who simply…just want execution.

  2. TC is still favoriting those who aren’t patient for sure. This won’t change, TDM was a success and will be the second if not the first most played playlist from here on out.


Lol I do not think requesting bringing the original execution back to gears in at least one playable way is comparative to spawning with a hammer dawn, but I’m sure you’ll get that in a featured playlist soon enough so don’t sweat it.

Unfortunately I don’t post in the gears of war 5 forums to “impress” anyone per say. Didn’t realize people did.

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I see your point when it comes to the Esports side of things, but I’ guess I’m mainly speaking on Execution as a ranked or even private playlist.

I’ve long given up hope for any sort of return to esports for Execution.

I have nothing constructive to add to that.


I get where hes coming from though, exe is not broken by any means but I would like to see if this 2.0 is a welcome addition. if its not then youll hear my answer but I want to see how it plays out first. I like exe quite alot actually, i prefer it over warzone.
I think it would be better suited as a quickplay option if the feedback is more than negative. but keep exe as is.


Fair enough, I haven’t tried it, I shouldn’t knock it.
But I don’t really wanna try it, I just want to play execution, that’s kinda my whole point lol

and my point stands that you should try it because if you want exe then this is pretty much what youre getting.

I should be thankful guardian hasnt been removed, id throw a riot if it got removed from quickplay all together.

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True trueeee

A single life gamemode is something that esports wants though, and it has a much better chance than gridiron of supplanting this cancerous blight on the community known as shotty/pistol/smoke no power weapon koth. Most of the rounds should still feel like execution, and the way I really this is a new interpretation of the ‘Man-Up’ rule.

As long as you’re not forced into going to wherever the hill is going to spawn, which I’m basically 100% certain you won’t be, I think it’ll resemble execution well enough to be fun and require a brain which is exactly what this game needs.

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I like how rude you are lmao even to me, like not rude in a bad way but comical

We need more people like you

Reminds me of this one show curb your enthusiasm


Lol honestly my best friend is a die hard trump supporter so I can respect that

I’m excited for the mode. Although stalemates are indeed a strategy it is very boring for matchmaking in a game. I understand the strategy if money was on the line though.

Usually bots havent been quick play for awhile. The only reason bots were in bunny hunt was so not as good players could get the medals done.

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Can’t argue with any of that, Ill reserve further judgment till we see how it plays out.

I can just think of a few scenarios where it’d be a huge advantage to wait it out for the overtime circle to spawn just based on initial power weapon pick ups at the start, and that has me a bit worried that the game will heavily start to center on that overtime ring by result.

Here’s a hypothetical where, if this happens, I think the mode will be trash.

The hill is going to spawn down the center line right, Say the map is Asylum and it’s either a 4v4/3v3. On the round where the hill is going to spawn at snipe, if sending everyone snipe and holding that setup until the hill spawns and winning that way — if that works, the gamemode is horrible.

yeah exactly ! im just worried people are going to find all these little ways to take advantage of the overtime ring and its going to stray completely away from the Execution feel but… I guess we’ll see what’s up.