Execution 2.0 feedback

Most fun I’ve had playing & watching Gears5. I enjoy this mode and hope it gets added to ranked and competitive.

Unfortunately, quickplay wasn’t challenging with people leaving, unbalanced teams and playing lower skilled players. We did however try this by playing scrims (private matches) and this mode was very enjoyable. I liked the quick rounds and execution worked well on maps with swaps. I would like the removal of boomshot on most maps because this was a bit overpowered.

Apart from a few weapon swaps I would say exe2.0 is the closest Tc has got to perfect with gears5.
Also, would like rounds to be first to 5 when/if it gets added to the ranked playlist.

I wouldn’t remove boom shot. It’s a staple of exe. Power weapons to force fights off the initials . I would, however, suggest lowering boom and drop to only 1 shot, and also decreasing longshot and torque ammo. We want the weapons to force fights, but not over take every single interaction and fight the rest of the round. Lowering the ammo count would be a nice balance imo.

Aside from that, I love the mode as well. Hope to see it in ranked in Op7/asap. It’s the most fun I’ve had playing the game.

I’m sure this has been brought up, but the weapon swaps on River have boom, drop, and torque all in 1 round.
I also never saw nexus or regency in the rotation for exe 2.0 special event playlist.



Totally agree with this mate - we do need power weapons to fight over to ensure map control but the boomshot I find in this game needs nerfed but maybe lower ammunition could be the solution.
This mode would be so much fun to play in ranked. We need a competitive mode in ranked as soon as possible. Hoping exe 2.0 is reviewed and is included in ranked op7

I think ALL power weapons (boom, drop, etc.) Shouldn’t be in exe.

Only 1 life… Other person should EARN IT

I do think power weapons have a place in the game/exe but I did find boomshot to be over powered in the exe mode. Yes it encourages a fight but there needs to be a balance. Any half decent player who picks up boomshot will get at least 2 kills with it. There’s no outplaying or avoiding the boom in gears 5. It could work better with 1 boom or nerfed. Another solution is replacing with other weapons to suit maps.
E.g. on clocktower having torque bow instead of boom would be a good swap i think for exe.

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I’d happily see the boom shot be removed in execution tbh, just feels cheap even when you get kills with it.

Hope the mode returns ASAP though, it felt really popular, would be even better 5v5

Agree with boomshot removal, however, I think 4v4 is much better for exe & most modes on gears of war.

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Id actually be fine with boom swapped out on clock tower. I hate that boom fight area on that map.

But certain maps need boom/drop. Just really is map dependent.

Have you played Nexus yet on exe 2.0?

4v4 > 5v5, especially for exe 2.0.

5v5 would just add an extra guy crossing all fights. Wouldn’t be fun. And clutch potential would go down as well.

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The boom is annoying on maps like clocktower with a lot of walls people shoot the boom off. Very hard to avoid.
Played all the quickplay maps and played a good few map rotation from the egl selected maps and swaps

The swaps worked well but could be improved further.
Hoping this mode is added to ranked.

I enjoyed 5v5 gridiron but 4v4 creates a lot more personal battles and easier to watch. That’s just a personal view

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Not sure if you saw but it’ll be in quick play the rest of op6. So I think it’s fair to say it’ll be an Op7 ranked mode.

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Great mate! Really hope it gets added to ranked for op7