Execution 2.0, cmon!

Drop it now so i have a reason to play this weekend.



Fixed it for ya

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with you aswell… i’m absolutely bored of playing 2v2 gnashers… i think koth is absolutely boring as hell. tdm is casual or either full stack sweats. free for all is fun but i want a one life gamemode again. where i can either clutch up or watch my teammates try to clutch up. shi was so much fun in every other gears game.


everyone is entitled to their opinion but you’re wrong…lol jk

tdm is only max of 2 players per squad-impossible to be full stacks

recently started playing it, and it is very fun

oh boy gotta love talking to struggling gold players… koth is garbage… nothing compared to escalation at all. koth is the casual version of escalation. tdm still has stacks in games regardless of 2 man lobbies.

I’ve been masters every season…

was D5 in esc and exe in Gears 4…

full stacks in KOTH yes, just because every player in a TDM team is master or high level doesn’t mean they’re stacked because they don’t allow a full team of 4 to search together…

and? my point is to bring back exe and esc. all the other gamemodes they have now are garbage… so what don’t you get?

just debunking all your claims and assumptions.
Never said you wanted esc back, just mentioned how you wanted a one life per round mode which is exe

so go play another game lmao, the irony of ppl who complain about how bad it is and still hop on the game


this dude is an aggressive meathead who can’t hold a legit conversation without getting hostile
just save your breathe man.

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yup, noticed he was a bit hostile at the start

god dam roid rage :rage: :syringe: