Execution 2.0 changes for competitive play

Execution 2.0 is really great. It brings the same old Gears vibes we know and love but expands on it. The overtime ring is absolutely a major improvement. The round timer being only 2 mins is a great improvement as well. I think there is some things we can tweak to make it even better.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Round time limit lowered- I think it should be lowered to 1:00-1:30 mins per round. There are times where the initial fight (the most entertaining part of the round) is over in 15 seconds. The next 1:45 seconds is a stalemate because of the nature of the mode. This is how Gears execution goes and that’s fine. But, if the round time was lowered to 1 minute then the initial would play out and then players would already begin moving to the next “phase” of the round (capping the hill or getting the remaining kills). For example, maybe the initial is 30 seconds long, as soon as it’s over, teams will already be setting up for the next objective (get ready to gain positioning on the hill). I think this could make a very packed but entertaining round.

  2. Weapon respawns and ammo - I am truly unsure what the weapon respawns are like currently in Exe 2.0. But my suggestion would be to add extra ammo in nades/Boltok/markza on each spawns side and add ammo to the drop shot and boom shot by 1. Sniper and embar can be adjusted accordingly. Also, no weapon (anywhere on the map) should respawn at all with the rounds being 1 minute. This will add more pressure to the initial.

  3. Rounds to win increased - I think it should be 7 rounds to win in order to win the map. In Gears 4, people really loved the 6-6 tie breaker rounds. It was great to watch. With execution 2.0 having 1 minute rounds, a 7 rounds to win rule would add for a lot of excitement. I think it could create a esports mode where there is a lot of action. You are constantly seeing a critical initial fight and then a rotation or set up. And if there are 13 rounds, then you are just constantly getting that fast paced action.

Overall, the mode is great and fun. But I believe 2 mins is still a long round time. Sometimes the initial is so fast that you end up still stalemating for 1:30 seconds. I think if the rounds were a minute and there were 7 rounds to win, you could really have an entertaining mode. If it went 6-6 tiebreaker, the audience would have seen 13 initial fights in a very short amount of time. And if you added this mode in with escalation, you would have a 2 mode esport. And since this mode will be fast, it will add a break from esca and incorporate a new mode. Thanks for reading.

I just want execution rules