Excuse me, why can't other people see what I type and why can't I see what other people type?

Excuse me, why can’t other people see what I type and why can’t I see what other people type?
I’ve turned on the text chat option

By default, the text chat function is hidden for players. The text chat feature was disabled around Operation 5, was it? Someone should be able to correct me.

I believe someone complained to The Coalition that they saw something they didn’t like and the company made the change to hide it for everyone at the next update.

It was broken for some players ages ago but i think it got fixed.

No true, TC made it off by default settings. Everyone just had to turn it back on

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Chat is off by default to “prevent toxicity” in versus.


There is a bug:

This solution worked for many people, didn’t for me until I turned off a few more options in the same menu.


I leave mine off intentionally. I had no need to clutter my screen with a steady incoming stream of "ez’ and “jajaja” popping up.

Ghost’s solution seems to be the way to go if it’s bugged for you and you really need it to communicate with your team in pve though.

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I just scream at my TV until I’m blue in the tit5. Seems to work alright.

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That’s it!

Thank you. You’ve been very helpful


My friend and I always play in a private party together and he will scream things to the other team members all the time:

Look out behind you!
Go to the next ring, I got this one!
Stop camping on boom. There’s 58sec left on the timer, idiot.

The gaming equivalent of trying to tell a horror movie character where the killer/monster is.

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If it’s a DVD or something, I just pause it. They can’t die if the film has been paused.


Schrodingers murder victim.


Must of played with one of my friends🤡

Switch Boom to Longshot and im 100% waiting that 58 seconds. I’m part of the problem lol

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Well…I have nothing to say imagining this isn’t being fix in Gears 5 :sweat_smile:

What a great advantage of Bugs!

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