Excuse me, is there any way to skip the opening animation?


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I’ve always found the opening credits scenes to be so pointless after the first time seeing them. Like, yes, I know who made the game and published it. I dont need to see it every time I open the game lol


Technically? Yes.

Officially? No.

Fun fact: absolutely no loading takes place during the opening splash screen. It is a complete waste of time, and it boggles the mind as to why there is no option to disable it in the menus.


Edit; Not trying to be a Smartass, just genuinely curious of this small aspect of game design if we’ve got some insight to share.

wel every game does it. but yeah would be nice to skip it since im always ■■■■■■■ crashing lol

It is possible to disable the splash screen in Gears 5, although it’s not officially supported, and I don’t think it’s possible in the Microsoft Store version of the game at all. In said instances, the load time into the main menu after the splash screen has been measured, and it is exactly as long as with the splash screen intact. This means that no loading is taking place during this time, and all of it is just idle.

It’s also possible to run hardware monitoring on PC (the Windows default task manager works fine) and see that there is no increase in drive or CPU activity during the splash screen, and all of it starts on the next screen that shows loading in the bottom right corner.


I remember when this loading screen used to “lag” back on my Xbox One S.

Made me think “Really? Is this what I’m in for?”

For me the game is only available from the XBox Store. In MS Store, there is only a link to the XBox Store.

Microsoft has been moving in that direction for a while, so that doesn’t surprise me. When I got the game, it was still available on the Microsoft Store. I guess Microsoft version or Play Anywhere version would be the better descriptor, as opposed to the Steam version.

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Just use quick resume on series x. Job done :+1:

I have quick resume in my series s but I don’t like it because the game still needs a few minutes to connect to the servers. Roughly the same time it takes for beginning rolling credit to load.
Plus as a habit I always exit the game when I’m done playing.

On a side note, at least gears doesn’t have the annoying super loud choir soundtrack like Halo Infinite.

This is how I did it. (Steam version)


Yes, I did. I changed the file, and the game started 20 seconds faster

The following is the modified document, which is put on the network disk

链接: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1CIPJUjwKpFnPqK_xRiMsyw
提取码: qkpb

How can I disable emotes without turning off the character voice!?

You persist and go forth, to bring back the hope of Humanity!

I just treat the opening as my ‘get ready’ time. Usually I select Gears from the menu, then get up, get a drink, go to the bathroom, take the dogs out, whatever.

But then how will you ever know who made the game and published it and what engine the game is running on

Wikipedia. Like a normal person.


Or to bring back the COG tags of the, thankfully, fallen filth.