Exclusive skins really do exclude players from playing this game any further

Or I want newer gameplay. Gameplay that runs smoothly and doesn’t feel as sluggish. A game where the playerbase isn’t a total 200 players around the globe and the only ones left are lost souls or die hard tryhards.

I play the newer games to stay relevant. Cosmetics are a nice bonus that encourage me to do certain challenges and whatnot, but they aren’t the make or break reason I, or many others play games.

Getting Recon armor by doing all the vidmaster challenges was the most rewarding achievements I’ve ever gotten.
I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment when I got that armor. That Vidmaster Endure and getting it with a crap internet connection and overcoming the odds was the best.

Playing Dead Space on the hardest difficulty was also a great challenge.

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At least I have got Hivebuster JD, Thrashball Cole, Helmetless COG skins… And Wilds Mac!!!

I really agree that its really excluding. And the thing is I suffer from a chronic pain illness so I get already excluded from so many real world things on a daily basis that it’s really hurtful to be excluded from things from my escape. And it’s not like I haven’t been playing long. I completed tour one but because I am on painkillers and that slows down my reaction times drastically , I cant finish many of the medals that require harder difficulties and I feel super guilty for trying to play vs or co op hord or harder because I dont want other people to suffer from my poor playing. I dont mind having to repeat the same couple of levels over and over and over again until I complete goal by myself but i most of the time dont have enough time to have a chance to complete all the goals for the things that I want from the medals so I miss out on things because of it. And while it dosent cause me to quite playing it dose kind of hurt.

I personally think that everything should be craftable. Not only dose that encourage people to play because like in pokemon: you gotta catch them all (let’s face it home many people would than start playing again/continue to play, because they want to earn the complete set of xyz skins), but would mean the game is still playable and fun to plat after newer gears titles have been released and if done correctly It wouldnt even be that difficult to implement a system were it wouldnt hurt thier bottom line.
they already got the scrap and token systems so use them.
Make every skin, expression, banner, ect craftable. And start handing out reasonable amounts of scrap as rewards for finishing hordes, escapes and even vs games. Give out scraps for finishing and your performance and With escape and horde you get scrap awarded based on the difficulty setting and how far you got. For horde you could even give multipliers for every 10 levels you complete and that would encourage players to complete a full horde. You can still have your tour rewards and medals and other currently exclusives rewards by making them the easier way to get these items and than keeping them from beeing craftable for a tour or so and make them cost a huge amount of scrap. Same with the store items, though make the effort to get them less than ‘exclusives’ .
have it an option were you could get a eg. weapon set token. It gives you something to do when you finshed your character tokens and you got another way to work towards something you want. You can even add as reup rewards or for completing a tour or something another active token slot so you can work on multiple tokens at the same time. I think that be a pretty cool reward that has a long term appeal that would encourage people to try and adchive higher levels and complete tours.

The way I see it, the value of having these 2 systems in place that:
-people can still buy skins and many people will buy scraps to complete sets they care about or to get early access to once they really like,
-It encourages people to invest more time into the game as they can set thier own rewards by crafting them.
-long term, skilled and committed players would not be denied of having rare and cool things as the system would be more merit based than purely time based ,while new players would not be discouraged and are able to become long term skilled and committed players themselves,
-in 10 years time you could pick up this game and still have access to all its features and makes a grate entry way for people to get into the rest of the series (that’s how I started to get invested into the series after my husband introduced me to it.)

Edit:fixed some mistakes, sorry I am dyslexic and English is my second language.

I guess having exclusives is fine, if there was something to unlock for new players…
If you join the game now and find a character to be your favorite, then there’s nothing for you to unlock except JD and Baird now in OP3 (from what I remember at the top of my head).

Seriously, they should have let you unlock the campaign skins by playing the campaign. And then have the hivebuster skins from playing escape! And some other for pvp and another set for horde. So there would be something to aim for. All logical and common sensy.


I do not get some tour of duty banners and orcish mark ,if it can be ,i 'm willing to purchase them.

While we’re on the subject, lets make the “boo!” expression craftable.


I’ll just leave this here:

Remember skins are not changing the gameplay by any means it is changing the behaviour and perception towards the game.


Business people are making money where they can make it.

I grew up playing sonic for the mega drive, we got the game in full with all the content out of the box, as time went by things changed, its great now we can have an internet connection and play online, have patches to fix bugs etc but i agree the cosmetics stuff is shady.

I suppose for some companies its a valuable way to get money and stay afloat, for companies like EA, ubisoft etc its just maximising profit. I don’t like jim sterling when it comes to his politics or gender belief stuff but when it comes to taking the big companies to task on micro transactions, i agree with him.

The sad reality is people have grown used to the spending and it now normal, most critics have eased into it and entire generations have grown up with it.

My concern is how every game demands your attention non stop, how can someone have a relationship, a job, time to exercise, a healthy social life and still find all this time to throw into game to unlock stuff. Its reaching a point where if you have a life you cant get invested into video games.

Fack bobby kotick

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It really is a Cosmetic that has zero effect on the game.

No !!! They are dependent upon people throwing their hard earned money at the developers, it does not matter if it is a Skin or a Map, someone has to have the desire to spend spend spend.

Skins do not make the game, they really are just cosmetic. Gears has a fan base, casuals come and go, fans stay and play, regardless of Skins.

The game still exists, because a Skin has timed out, does not mean the game has too.

Yeah, i have used this argument before, Season Passes, DLC and Map Packs. Each version of a game has its drawbacks, and whilst i would prefer a game that is not loaded with Micro Transactions, and instead back to the good old days of Season Passes and DLC’s of all types, you got to think of todays games, maps are free entitling everyone to enjoy the maps, rather than Map Packs where only the people that bought them get to play them.

RNG. Halo has one of the worst RNG that i know of. Destiny is bad too. Star Wars used to be The worst of the worst.

Limited Time Events are a reward. Your friend was not around for these events, Covid 19 is not really an excuse to use for late gamers of the franchise. And, she moved on to another game, and then she will move on to another game, then life will move on, to the point where she will not touch another game, or barely touch on.

Your first line of this reply, started off with…

in it. Your Post is just that. Exclusive means Exclusive, and it does not effect gameplay, and it does not exclude players. Skins are cosmetic, and are a choice.


Our Lord and Saviour Jim! :smiley:

The argument was never about cosmetics changing the gameplay.

The argument is that it changes the attitude, behaviour, psychology, towards the game players are playing.
You can have the best gameplay in the world but if players attitude towards it are toxic then the game will not succeed,

As for feeling exclusive and special. I don’t care about that at all.
I have the most rarest and expensive skin in Gears 5, Glacial Kait skin. It doesn’t make me special. I don’t care if someone other than me has it. Players can only equip one skin at a time. You can’t even see other players completion level.
However not being able to complete her collection of skins does. So my attitude and investment towards the franchise halted. Why pursue something when you can’t even go for it?

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You do realise when your attitude, behaviour and psychology change towards any game you play, the play style changes too. Some people play better when they are pissed off with the game, some play worse.
And, i thought the Post was about your friend not playing Gears anymore because she could not have a Skin. I think if there is an argument to have, it is over her childish behaviour. However, i just think that maybe she got her fill and moved on to some thing else, as she will do after that game.

This is my feelings exactly.

I am a completionist by nature.
I went for every Medal available in OP1. Wasn’t able to get the one for mastering all hives as I didn’t plan ahead far enough and it was more difficult than I initially expected.

I was irritated, but thought that maybe I could have a chance to redo that medal at some point down the line or that I would only be missing out on that one thing.

Then in OP2 They had the Medal for winning 5 Free-For-All matches. I’m not good enough to win FFA consistently, I tried for a while but only had one win and decided to stop actively going for it.

Then I realized TC’s thoughts on having those Medals be exclusive forever “it shows you were there at the time and you did x”.
So now, I realize that there really isn’t any point for me to grind for horrible rewards in the Tour anymore because I will never be able to get 100% completion. So, I just pick out the 1-3 things I’m interested in and go for those, and also hit General since it’s easy enough, and then set the game down for a couple of months only to be disappointed again when the new OP hits.

I’ve been a fan since Gears 1.
This game and it’s monetization and live-service model has killed my interest in the franchise.


I will never understand Gears players obsession with what clothes their characters is wearing.

Because people love identifing themselves with the characters they use. :slightly_smiling_face:
And the clothes and the personalities of the characters also represent the users. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is that why Delivery driver Mac and Krampus was such a success?

I can’t quite identify with anyone of the characters, no matter what clothes they wear.

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I am such an idiot guy that I loved using Gary Carmine in Gears of War 4! :sunglasses:
He represented my idiot side! :upside_down_face:

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