Exclusive skins really do exclude players from playing this game any further

This x100.

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Depending on the circumstances, certain skins should remain exclusive, while others should be made available.

Gilded Kait falls under the former category, while something like Desert Armor Kait falls under the latter. Did you at least explain to your friend why the Gilded skin unlock opportunity expired? If anything, she should be upset at the locking of campaign skins.


If skins were to return then it would be different rarity, same skin, but different rarity to show those who got them initially. Players who acquired the skin the first time won’t get the same skin twice but instead be rewarded with more scrap.

Some type of mechanic like that.
For players who missed the skin the first time around with requirements when it was free should be allowed to be purchasable for latecomers, that should be a good compromise. Similar to preorder bonuses, it’s free when you bought it at launch but purchasable if you came in late, but never locked away permanently.

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I earned it fair and square, if she gets it, I want something cooler and more exclusive :stuck_out_tongue:


There should be a few items that are exclusive. Not everything should be given out or purchasable. As for ToD and store content that should be available especially campaign skins.

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I agree. They may be cosmetic, but they have appeal for fans because of the characters, the lore, and the designs. We all have our favourite characters from the universe.

Did you explain the the tour of duty and content you get from there and daily objectives?

how about the character challeneges.

getting those may get her going. achievments is another gool goal.

@Slipping_Flames agreed. there are far more things that want to make you quit than skins.

So in essence you want everything handed to you with minimal effort involved?

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Oooh, that is BRILLIANT!!! I love it!
Magic the Gathering does that (or did that) where reprints had a white border and it was clear that the copy you got was a less valuable but mostly the same variation.
I was trying to reconcile my feeling special for putting in the work and beating the challenges for Road to Gears 5 with my empathy for how bad it must suck for a new fan to never get the chance at something really cool when they are just starting out and didn’t even know they needed to do whatever.
All that has to happen is something to make it clear that a skin has been bought versus owned and then everybody wins.

But, er… the rarity of the things you got means exactly nothing in gameplay as it is not being displayed? So I don’t see why or how it would mean anything if you had a purple outline around your Winter or Desert Kait from the first Tour in the customization menu where only you can see it.

Yeah there would have to be something clear and visual. Not just in the menu, and that is totally doable. I was abstruse in painting that picture after the rarity mistake that you highlight but between the 3 of us TC has all that they need to know to satisfy people who missed out without completely screwing those who worked hard and were in the right place at the right time.

I’m glad there’s people like you, I think the same, but there’s brainless people that agree with this sh1#@!$tty practice, the only thing we have is supporting the companies that are user friendly like CD Projekt Red, they still offers full games with free DLC or worthly expansions like The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine, I bought the GOTY version with huge discount and I don’t regret.

Are you being sarcastic? Honestly can’t tell.

Well, we’re used to being given the classic skin for all major characters free of cost in previous games. So how can you blame anyone who got blindsided by the 15 mil. dmg requirement for Baird’s in Gears 5. If you weren’t a PvE person, it was impossible without grinding for hours. Believe it or not, a lot of Gears players aren’t PvE people, At least Desert Kait was earnable through regular ToD, and would’ve been earned by anyone who played versus regularly. So, it’s harder for me to feel sympathy for those who missed that.

That’s not what I said. If you knew how to read and interpret what people are saying in posts you might understand.

What I’m clearly saying is there shouldn’t be a time limit or window of opportunity for gamers to get such rewards. Life gets in the way and latecomers should never be punished.

Imagine such a practice were implemented in movies, you missed out on 20min of the beginning of the film but you were never ever to see the first 20min of the film ever. People would be pissed.

Gears 5 at the moment is lacking in so much customization and diversity compared to other games that it’s kinda sad.

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I understood what you said, it just came off very whiny.

There’s nothing wrong with rewarding the players who stick around and invest the most in the game. If you missed out you missed out and you have no one to blame but yourself.

The movie analogy is incredibly stupid because that’s not how things work. You know when a movie comes out. You also know why time the movie starts. If you miss the first 20 minutes that’s on you. But even if something out of your control happened you can go back another day to see the first 20 minutes if you truly wanted to.

Much like in this game you have ample time to complete these challenges. If you’re more of a casual player then it’s too bad. Can’t have everything handed to you on a silver plate because you wanna feel special too I’m sorry man but that’s life. Either work for it or don’t complain.


FOMO isn’t something any player should commend. hopefully it gets driven out of the industry like online passes and walled gardens like old XBL/PSN was.

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Get over it dude gears has always had exclusive items sorry!!!

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“GiVe Me ReCoN ArMor BuNGie”

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If one or two skins keeps you from playing the game–you probably wouldn’t have much fun anyways. I hate the lack of skins and customization in Titanfall 2 and Battlefront–but I still play them (hell I’ll shill TF2 whenever I get the chance. You should play it btw Titanfall 2 is the greatest game of all time).

Special skins like Gilded Kait are called “Loyalty” series for a reason. They’re unlocked early for the loyal fanbase that’s been here forever.

If anything I’d let your friend know that all the currently locked skins (Winter Kait, Glacial Kait, maybe even Gilded Kait) will become available later on. All of the Pre-Order and LE content from 4 became available later on.

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