Exclusive skins really do exclude players from playing this game any further

Just an interesting story I’ll share.

It’s covid-19 lockdown, my friend like any other is unemployed. She started playing her brother’s Xbox One and started playing Gears 4. She beat the campaign. She started playing Gears 5 campaign and really enjoyed playing Kait, she was getting into multiplayer horde mode in Gears 5.

Her favourite character is Kait, I think she can relate to the character, anyways she asked when I was playing with her how did I get this Gilded Kait Skin as she wants to play the game and try to unlock it. I think she was adamant of getting all the skins related to her.

I told her that it was from a time-limited event and that the event is over and she can’t get it anymore.
I think she was disheartened when she heard the news.

The next day she’s playing a different game, I haven’t seen her touch Gears 5 since.

Exclusive skins really do exclude players. It sure feels great for those who have it, but man does it really suck for latecomers. I kinda feel bad. I wish these skins were available for everyone. That player regret.


Well, the other side of it is that many players like having something that is rare and exclusive. I get that people don’t like missing out, but that’s kinda the way it is really.

I have to admit, I did like what they did in GOW3 with a couple of pre-order exclusives like Commando Dom, Mechanic Baird and a couple of others who I can’t remember - Epic released them further down the line as colour-palette swaps so people who missed out could get them, but with different colours. This meant that people who made the effort and got the pre-orders still had some exclusivity to the skins, but other people could get the characters as well.


While I prefer timed exclusives that become craftable in say a year, anyone who quits playing a game over a skin wasn’t really into the game.

There are several skins available for each character.

While I’ve felt the burn of missing content, I quickly recover when I realize it’s a first world problem.


Waiting for Chrome Steel Kait in OP4. And if the TC does not reconsider their attitude to the store they will have to greatly surprise me with changes in PVP so that I do not send this game to the trash = /

Well she was just getting into the franchise, but I guess she was dissuaded by the practice.
The problem wasn’t coming from the microtransactions, I’m pretty sure was ok with throwing a couple of bucks and paying for the skin or working towards it, the main culprit was the limited time window for its availability.
No amount of effort, skill, or money can make it obtainable.

She was about to be a fan, I guess not anymore.

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Be sure and let us know which game she plays now that doesn’t have this system.

By the way, I recommend you get her the new books. Kait is the focus on the first, Ascendance.

I possess, but haven’t read the second book. I think she is the focus there as well.

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Its nice to have skins everyone dont have so i disagree.


How would you know that they don’t have what you have?
You can only equip one skin. You can’t see other people’s collection of skins either.
So if anything it’s more of a personal accomplishment if one is into collecting.
Time limited exclusives derail this pursuit.
If one cannot collect and a gamers mentalist is collector, then this becomes a problems as they are denied of any objectives.

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There should be some type of exclusive skins for players that have been there for a long time.That was the whole point of the Road to Gears 5. The Raam was for the more hardcore fans while the rest were for people who have been around for awhile.

What I dont think there should be is timed exclusive skins like the store or ToD. 95% of skins are tied to that so if you come in 10 months later theres not much you can get right away


Timed exclusives are okay for me. Specially ones that arent really part of the story,

However the ones i cant forgive are the OP1 character skins that are already in game and part of the campaign. Those should be at least crafteable. Winter kait, JD alts, DBs, etc.

Yes I ve been playing this game since launch and didnt get them, honestly getting stars at OP1 was a pain lol


I find that eSports Kait should be categorized under GEARS ESPORTS and purchasable through the store rather than be listed under LOALTY SERIES.

It’s one that I am missing and regret not getting. I completed Part 1 of the Road to Gears for it, but when I read how to obtain Part 2 on the website after being directed by the achievement to check it out I was already too late. It felt like a bait and switch as it didn’t list the expiry of Part 2 on the Gears of War 4 game or the achievement.

To be fair the Road to Gears popped up every time you loaded Gears 4 up. The only thing I will say is that people should have been able to watch the rerun of that event instead of just the live event

But I think people put to much emphasis on skins when playing a game but thats just me

Yeah, watching things live is so inconvenient for most people’s schedule. I would have had the skin unlocked if I could watch the rerun of the stream.

There’s a reason why on demand is convenient. People would pay for convenience. But I guess TC needed to acquire a large audience and amount of viewers within that time frame. But making it two days only is inconvenient to so many others whom are fans of the serious. When a game dictates a persons schedule, it doesn’t make it much of a game but more of a chore then.

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The problem with Esports is that theres not a huge viewership with Gears as there is with other Esport games. TC making people watch live for skins probably helps with advertisers and promotions.


Gilded kait is nothing to be upset about, if it was something lore based then yeah i would feel a bit upset that i missed out but i would get over it. Wait till she finds out desert kait is no longer unlockable.


Don’t worry. They’ll sell it to you for 1000 iron a year or two down the road. They wouldn’t pass up the chance to make extra dollars from you. Gotta feel bad for Baird fans who missed out on Classic Baird, too. LOL, It required something ridiculous like 15 million damage. And as a Baird fan, how could you miss out on his classic skin, then have to see it greyed out in customization every time? That’s gotta suck. The only TOD thing I sorta wanted but missed was the finger point, but I won’t bite for iron, no, not for an expression.


Yea would be good to be able to get some of the previously released skins. I missed some good ones for JD/Del as wasn’t the game much.

It’s literally just a cosmetic item that has zero effect on gameplay. If someone is turned off from playing the game because they don’t have access to a skin then they clearly didn’t like the game that much to begin with lol.


The argument for its only just a cosmetic is a piss poor invalid response.

Games are dependent on cosmetics.

People like things that they are attracted to.
It’s the reason why the there is a multi-billion dollar beauty and make up industry.
It’s the reason why people strive for prettier graphics on PC’s.
It’s the reason why people go clothes shopping.
It’s just cosmetics.

If people wanted just gameplay they can play older titles with wireframes but people don’t go around doing that. We expect more and want more.

Excluding people from enjoying a game is just the worst scummiest thing.

I remember the good old days when games were feature complete then came seasons that ruined everything.

Imagine not getting a particular armor set or not being able to completing an armor set because it was locked behind a tier reward, even Halo 5 wasn’t that scummy.