Exclusive skin question

After looking at the upcoming exclusive skins for Gears 5 I’ve noticed that there are a small few permanent exclusive skins for this game and one of them in particular is the one that involves having a Xbox One X which I have but it doesn’t specify how you get it in game, will these skins just unlock right off the bat for having a one x or is there another requirement beforehand?

Do you mean having the Gears 5 xbox one x? there should be a code inside for redeeming.
Everything should have code of some sort or if its a stream from TC just being logged into your live account and reaching the requirements would net you those rewards.


It has to be the special Gears 5 Xbox One X.


Oh that’s what they meant? Damn I’m not buying another one just for those skins if that’s the case.


I agree, but it is a gorgeous machine.

The Ice Jack Bot exclusive for Gears 5 will be a downloadable item.

As in,

You buy a Gears 5 One X and you get a code to redeem for that skin.

That’s how it stays exclusive,

It won’t be available any other way.

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Or a cheaper alternative is to buy the controller and you still get kait and Jack

yesssssssssss i bought it can not wait you get the Kate Ice character as well right?


Controller is only Kait.

Console is Kait + Jack.


Jack bot isn’t that important tho


But the Carbon Fiber one is nice!

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Yeah I know. Looks cool