Exclusive Maps For Horde?

This is probably a minority opinion, but I feel like horde should have exclusive maps designed for it like GoWJ did for overrun. I’m not for any maps being reused in future games, but a map like Overpass in Gears 3 is perfect for horde just not MP. This will keep horde more fresh IMO.

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Not a bad idea. Do you remember the map Day One from Gears 2? That is probably my all time favorite Horde map. Set up a base on the second level and close yourself in with boom shields and hold on tight. Man those were the days.


I have mixed feelings on this.

  1. Having split maps means less maps for those who are dedicated/mainly play versus or horde.
  2. Having maps that work really well in one mode or poorly in another would hopefully be eliminated under your proposal, which is a great thing.
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Why would you want to limit the characters you can play as on certain maps? How does that improve the suggestion?


That’s a side note up for debate. I just threw it in bc it immerses you more.

You realise it took TC 18 months to fully develop the map Diner right…?
Now you want exclusive maps for each mode, which is only going to thin out their resources and we’ll end up with half ■■■■■ content instead.

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I would just take horde out in that case. It’s such a disaster mode now.

I think we both know that’s not going to happen… There is a huge portion of the community that is solely dedicated to Horde. The last thing TC needs to do is alienate and anger even more people.


One might argue that actually splitting the content might improve the quality of the the maps since they’d be completely focused from day 1 on making either a map for vs or one for horde.
since they’d spend less time trying to balance the two modes it might even reduce the time it takes to get maps out.

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I disagree.

I look recently at CoD, and their attempts with War and MP. 3 maps at launch for War, and 9 MP maps, with a Carentan bonus map at launch for SP owners.

12 maps is not bad, but then you look at the reaction of the community, and you see that the community says “Only 9 maps?” and completely forgets War.

I’m not saying that this would happen in Gears 5 if it was implemented, but it is a easy point for people to draw on. Not a fully convincing point, but still.

Also, I would imagine that if Horde maps were created, assuming that TC are remaining with the current format, it wouldn’t look that different from what we see now. The majority of set-ups on maps are back in spawn for the most part, like Impact, Dam, Glory, Speyer, Fuel Depot, Blood Drive etc etc.

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I’m not saying WW2 is a good game, but Sledgehammer has done an excellent job releasing a sh*t ton of new Multiplayer, War, and Zombies maps in DLC packs.

Edit: And just FTR, I think War is a very fun game mode.

Yes, but if you look at past games like zombies in the original WAW and Black Ops. The maps were actually really good for zombies although limited. It could really go either way.

Horrible idea. Tried this already - it was called Overrun in GOWJ. With maps taking six months to produce this would be a waste.

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Oh yes. I love War. I was just making the point that if the maps released were rubbish, people use it as a scapegoat.

The problem with the maps is that they are generic 3 laned maps, created with only competitive play in mind.

War has slightly better level design because it was intended to be a casual mode, and that’s why I like it better.

That’s the only reason I still play, honestly. It can be a blast with good team communication.

Overrun was a gem in a sea of garbage.


The problem with Zombies maps now is that they have what seems to be a EE (that isn’t really a EE because that’s the campaign).

The new map has brought in objectives and is slightly more casual, but the problem with the maps now is that you play it once and complete the EE, and then that’s it for 2 months until the next map. I really don’t want Gears to turn into that.

I love the WaW and BO zombies, 3/4 of my collective time on those games have been in zombies. I like to see that, but eventually, people will get bored. That’s why I prefer a change in each game for Horde, with combined maps for VS and Horde.

It increases development time as well, allowing for more features to enter the game.

That’s debatable. One of the big issues in GOWJ were maps dedicated to Overrun, thereby reducing the number of maps available for VS.

Definitely debatable, but as badly skilled as I am in versus, Judgment was the only one I didn’t like. The first time I hopped off a roof my initial thought was “This is not Gears”

Funny you mention that. I quite liked the movement changes in judgement, it was the shooting centre screen and controller changes I couldn’t reconcile with.
Plus the mp skins were horrid.

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This ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. We do have the drop physics in this game, just not long drops like GOWJ. The center screen nonsense took me along time to retrain myself out of. The controller change was brutal.