Exclusive Characters

Haven’t played this game since maybe a month after release. Are there any characters that I missed that I can’t ever get again? Is it only the final tour of duty reward that I can’t get again?

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We don’t know 100% for sure. TC said that the high end rewards won’t be purchasable in the store and I think they gave some examples such as the Ronin Kantus, but didn’t mention anything else specifically. I expect the final General rank rewards won’t ever reappear, but as for everything else I don’t know where TC will draw the line.

I just want them to bring back the middle finger spray missed that when it came out around launch

If you aren’t missing the skins now psychologically, will you really feel better once you learn what you’ve missed?

True true. I know there’s a Kantus, Marcus and Fahd skin I seemed to have missed but don’t care much for them anyway . There are some awesome gun skins I’ve seeen people use that aren’t in the shop unfortunately…

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I wish I could go back in time and get gilded raam.

I was re-up 8 when I stopped playing 4

And I missed out on Gilded Kait and Esports Meme Kait because of one chapter of co-op hardcore. And a single game of escalation.