Exclude Keyboard/Mouse players from Versus online matchmaking


I’m on PC but I like playing with XBO controller, Even in online multiplayer. Yes I am. As I can see from killcams the mouse players have significant advantage in aiming. Can mouse players be excluded from matchmaking? Are XBox players okay with playing with mouse PC players? Isn’t it ruining their online experience?

The new CoD: Modern Warfare is a good example - it also has cross-play but the game doesn’t connect Controller players with Mouse players regardless of the platform.

So the question is - how can I play with controller players only?


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Play on xbox :stuck_out_tongue:
Unfortunately that’s not even a real answer since microsoft allows people to use M+K on xbox too. No doubt a mouse user has a distinct edge over a joy stick but I don’t see how they can fix this. Overwatch slightly solved this problem by keeping console and pc players seperate but they had to adjust both games differently some patches. The player basis is dwindling as it is without having to separate people into groups.

I could be wrong and I should double check on that but I think Epic managed to differentiate kb/m and controller users on Fortnite and are actively separating both those users when you turn off cross platform. Again, could be wrong, but TC should look into it if is true and want to keep things fair competitively.

I’d like to add though that kb/m advantage on Gears isn’t all that much unless the individual is holding a precision rifle due to its unique movement/cover system. In first person shooters on the other hand, a skilled kb/m user can definitely outclass a skilled controller user.

Considering the amount of aim assist and bullet magnetism would a mouse offer any advantage outside of a longshot or a markza?

Fair enough, but they did adjust the aim assist/bullet magnetism when TC realised they had the MP set the same way as campaign. Could use some work but does feel a bit better since the change.

The new cod did it perfect in the beta