Excited for upcoming content

Even if you didn’t like the map that came in op 6 there’s no denying the feeling that there is so much cool content around the corner in terms of maps. I can’t wait to see more maps and more often!

even though I say I would’ve gave speyer a new look to make it feel fresh after playing gears 4 so much. I still enjoy speyer and am excited to see what other beautiful looking maps they have in store for us! Man I can’t wait. Here’s some maps that I cant resist hoping for. please tc bring some of these back and I’d love to get brand new maps also either would be a treat but I really miss some of these classics.

(NOTE: no need to change the look of the classic maps! no need to give them a new look if they weren’t in gears 4. The “change the look of the maps to keep things fresh” rule just applies to any map that was in the most recent title that is made/gears 4)

Here is my list

jacinto ofcourse (I loved the one from gears 2 but not the end of the world if you guys go a different direction with it)
Fuel station (not depot but fuel depot is okay too)
Tyro station
The night time map from judgement ( no falling from ledges like judgement had it)
Library map from judgement with secret door (underrated map)
All fathers garden (favorite map)
Gold rush
I liked subway from gears 2

Too many to name might add some later those are some of my top ones off the top of my head thanks for reading.

I can’t tell if you’re trolling…


Don’t think TC knows what good content is…



I definitely have a lot of opinions to say about this game coming from a good place though love this game and upset about stuff but I’m not trying to be toxic doesn’t even make sense why people would not at least try to have one good thing to say about a team in charge of the game they want to see do good. You never know it could go a long way being more chill about it. And I respect the work they do and it’s a profession at the end of the day that isn’t easy that I can’t do and takes skill. Yeah I wanna blow up and cuss at them and edit my post a thousand times but I catch myself at the end of the day Lol If you have any respect you wouldn’t just crap on these AAA companies in my opinion ya know.

I wish they could just respect us back too and just take bits and pieces of the advice from us og fans even if they don’t follow word for word. At least just comb through these forums and trust that some fans just want to help point the devs in the right direction!! Even if we aren’t game devs we played the heck out of this game that should count for something!

Way too big even for Horde.

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You may have a point.I respect that but for me I don’t think so. I think it would be fun on horde too. Can we at least agree that it’s a damn beautiful map? Lol

Oh no don’t get me wrong im not saying I don’t want to see it lol. Its just that would be the reason it would not be added to the roster. The second it gets added its going to be “its too big” from pve players and then VS players will never touch it.

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But from what ur saying something tells me if sandbar came to gears 5 we would be on the same boat lol you too would be a happy camper lol.

Oh yeah. You can be sure if you ever saw a vote for Sandbar in Gears of War 3 it was from me lol.

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Hahah same cheers

That’s the Gears 5 experience; hoping that good content will come and then eventually be disappointed.


Haha so true damn it. but they have some good things going for them to regain some of my trust. They did nexus very nice with a gears 2 atmosphere very true to gears 2 in terms of atmosphere. Not better than a gears 2 map in my humble opinion but gained my respect I have nothing but admiration for the respect they had when making that map feel like a place from gears of war 2 lore.

And as you look around you a boat load of the characters from that era of gears are already available to play as with even new cool variants and skins thanks to the dlc character content and you at least have to respect TC and give them some praise for keeping up with content in this case. And just the way they paid homage to gears 2 atmospherically with their own map from scratch and by the time it came out lots of gears 2 characters have been made available already. That is kinda good content droppage right there when you put it in that perspective. But the details in nexus deserved a standing ovation. I hope they really feel appreciated for that level of care in atmosphere. And river gridlock all came back looking good I like reactor and regency both lookin kinda beautiful it’ll all start to pile up in the coming months while we wait for gears 6 we will have enough of a variety of nice looking maps fresh maps to spice this game up. That’s what I’m hoping for.

OP, I genuinely wish i had that sort of enthusiasm for this operation let alone TC as a whole :rofl:

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Its a hard life man, im one of those suckers :persevere:

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I’m still conflicted, But I have a little bit of hope for the mid season drop :sweat_smile:

Edited my reply I think it’s a good explanation if you care to scroll up to my last message

I mean… in terms of character skins I love TC, they brought my boy Farmer Dom back from the grave. however… they made Ben Carmine into a child, who is also my boy. but they also brought back river, which is also my baby. but then they made this new tuning…


I can see where you’re coming from with that, Nexus does deserve praise. I enjoyed that map in
horde especially with that lever you can pull and change up your strategy. And they have brought some cool skins to the table. But I’m still a bit salty about the ice kait skin…so let’s not talk about that lol.

Honestly I just want them to bring the other Kait skins back to the store, like the one where she wears the hoodie


I wish they’d stop with the tuning, it scares away more players than anything. Like is it really that hard to make up their mind? They need to find some midground with that instead of what we have now. I do love the skins and they’ve done alot of justice with that, i keep saving my coins and iron in hopes that they bring another Kait one to the store >.>